MARVEL Future Revolution Gameplay Arrives Today - Here's How to Watch

With pre-registrations now live, things are moving fast for MARVEL Future Revolution, the upcoming F2P open-world superhero game from Netmarble.

As announced by the game's Twitter feed, a big livestream is set to take place today, promising vital information about the relatively mysterious and ambitious mobile release.

In the early hours of the morning, Korea got its first proper media showcase for the game. At 5 PM PDT June 29 (or 1 AM BST June 30 for us Brits), the West will get its first proper look at the game as well. Presumably, anyway.

A tweet the day before teased that the upcoming MARVEL Live event would feature the "first ever Marvel Future Revolution gameplay reveal." That's enough to get excited about right there.

What Will Be Shown During the Marvel Live Stream?

It's worth noting that the Marvel Live show isn't just for Future Revolution. It's an all-encompassing Marvel livestream that's likely to feature details about hte comics, movies, games, merch, and just about anything Marvel related.

How to Watch the MARVEL Future Revolution Livestream

As for how to watch the upcoming MARVEL Live show, just about all of Marvel's social media channels will be hosting the event. When 5 PM PDT June 29 rolls around, just click one of the links below to tune in:

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