Marvel Future Revolution Pre-Registrations Are Live

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It looks as if Netmarble's answer to Square Enix's floundering Avengers title is set to launch real soon. Pre-registrations for F2P title MARVEL Future Revolution are live on iOS and Android, and it looks an awful lot like the real-time brawler Crystal Dynamics is having trouble truly realizing. It looks a lot like Edios Montreal's GotG game, too.

MARVEL Future Revolution was revealed at PAX East last year. Coming from Netmarble--the folks behind games like Lineage 2: Revolution, The Seven Deadly Sins, and The King of Fighters ALLSTAR--it's a fully 3D open-world action game that already looks to feature more Marvel superheroes and villains at launch than Square Enix could offer on big-box consoles in two years.

Gleaning from the trailer and screenshots alone, MARVEL Future Revolution will use a fully active battle system akin to Genshin Impact. Set in an open-world environment with characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and even X-Men's Storm, it's already looking like the premier open-world Marvel experience.

Building off the team builder Marvel Future Fight released way back in 2015, MARVEL Future Revolution is further proof that Netmarble clearly has an all-access pass to the legendary comic book franchise.

As for when Marvel Future Revolution will release: that we don't yet know. Although pre-registration periods typically mean that a release date is relatively close, things really can swing one way or the other.

Adding to the confusion, the Apple App Store currently lists the Marvel Future Revolution release date as September 30, but as we've seen with recent announcements like Mitrasphere and NieR Reincarnation, this is rarely accurate.

What's most likely going on here is that Apple requires a rough placeholder release date before an app can begin accepting pre-registrations. The expected release date probably isn't far off the mark, but don't assume it's final. Let's just say Summer 2021 for now.

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