Tap Knight codes (April 2023) - Free rubies and more for Little Knight Luna

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Looking to make the most of your new Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna obsession? Given it isn't out yet, we'll wonder how. But it never hurts to bookmark a page in anticipation. So if you're banking on rushing out of the gate with Tap Dragon codes, you're in the right place. Just keep reading to find a complete list of all the redeem codes you'll need to stay ahead of your friends. Miss some, and they'll be able to catch up. You've been warned.

Tap Dragon codes (April 2023)

  • There are no Tap Dragon codes just yet. Check back later.

Expired codes

  • No Tap Dragon codes have expired just yet. That's good news.

How do I redeem Tap Dragon codes?

Until we manage to download and play Tap Dragon, we won't know with absolute certainty how to use Tap Dragon codes in-game.

From countless other mobile games with a similar setup, however, we can make an educated guess.

Expect to use Tap Dragon redeem codes by firing up the game, clicking either your profile picture or the settings/menu button, and rummaging around for a code redeem box in there somewhere.

If the iOS app doesn't have one where the Android game does, you'll need to visit the game's website and enter your account ID, region, and redeem code into a box there instead.

Tap Dragon FAQ

When is the Tap Dragon release date?

There's no release date for Tap Dragon yet, but the pre-registration period suggests it's soon.

How do I pre-register for Tap Dragon?

You can find Tap Dragon through the Android or iOS App Stores now and pre-register through there. For a direct link, here's the iOS Tap Dragon pre-registration page.

What are the Tap Dragon pre-registration rewards?

For pre-registering or logging in for the first time during the launch celebration, you'll get the following items for free:

  • 5k Rubies
  • 30 Weapon Summon Tickets
  • 30 Necklace Summon Tickets
  • 30 Ring Summon Tickets
  • 30 Helmet Summon Tickets

What is Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna?

Tap Dragon Little Knight Luna is a clicker game for iOS and Android. You click monsters to make Luna attack and save scattered colleagues in the process, building up a small party with them to take on bigger and better enemies.

Is Tap Dragon PVP?

It can be. In the Bloodwind Canyon mode, you'll get to pit your party against other players.


What are the PVE modes in Tap Dragon?

Beyond the main storyline, Tap Dragon features a few different PVE modes like Nightmare Castle, Constellation Lake, and the Tower of Trials.

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