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Pokemon Sleep Berry list - All berries and how to get more

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A Pikachu and Bulbasaur surrounded by various types of berries in a lush green field

By dozing as the app runs on your face-down phone, you'll be able to tick off the fruits on the Pokemon Sleep berry list. Though you're not at all required to collect the lot, that rarely stops Pokemon fans. Each berry has its purpose, with specific Pokemon known to prefer to eat and collect certain types. With that in mind, the below list isn't really necessary to complete the game, but it's something we thought you might like regardless.

Collecting berries in Pokemon Sleep is a great way to befriend new critters. As your Snorlax levels up, its Sleep Power will entice more and more varied Pokemon to take a nap around its shared space. By adding them to your dex and feeding them enough snacks, they'll join your team, lending to you procuring more berries with each sleep cycle.

Pokemon Sleep Berry list - All berries in the game

Here's a look at the currently available berries in Pokemon Sleep:

Bluk Berry
Cheri Berry
Chesto Berry
Durin Berry
Figy Berry
Grepa Berry
Leppa Berry
Lum Berry
Mago Berry
Oran Berry
Pamtre Berry
Pecha Berry
Persim Berry
Rawst Berry
Sitrus Berry
Yache Berry
Wiki Berry
Belue Berry

How do I get more berries in Pokemon Sleep?

Berries spawn by your buddy Pokemon when you end a sleep cycle. They'll also build up over time if a buddy Pokemon isn't worn out. It's important that you keep your team's energy levels high to generate more berries throughout the day.

Different Pokemon have a higher chance of producing certain berries. Tune your team to increase the number of your current Snorlax's favourite snacks they'll find over time to speed up your progress.

Will new berries be added to Pokemon Sleep?


It's possible that new berries will be added to Pokemon Sleep over time. After all, there are far more berries available across other Pokemon games than those present in the 1.0 launch of Pokemon Sleep. The game also includes a subscription pass system, with new content typically required to keep subscriptions ticking over.

Without the subscription system, it wouldn't be out of the question to imagine Pokemon Sleep as a 'one and done' game similar to Magikarp Jump and the non-Chinese release of Pokemon Quest – a game that's considered complete at launch and never updated with any new content.

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