Path to Nowhere tier list - best characters (November 2023)

Characters from Path to Nowhere in a dark hallway

Looking to set up the best team possible? Check out our Path to Nowhere tier list to help pick the strongest and most useful teammates. The game features full voice acting in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese, and is out now for you to jump into.

Path to Nowhere offers a fresh story, fabulous soundtrack, and a varied cast of characters to collect. It's the year NF 112, and as chief of the MBCC, you must detain Sinners and use their skills to save the world from the Apocalypse. People have mutated into monsters, and the plague isn't stopping without your help.

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Path to Nowhere tier list (November 2023)

Rahu, Christina, Demon, Nox, Labyrinth, Baiyi, Cabernet, Langley, Eirene, Hamel, Oak Casket, Deren, Adela, OwO
Shalom, Coquelic, Countless Chelsea, Demolia, Serpent, RouLecca, Zoya, Pricila, Hecate, Bai Yi, Aerial, McQueen, Victoria, Luvia Ray, Crache, Enfer, EMP, Dudu, Summer, Ariel, Letta, Lynn
Garofano, KK, Lamia, Peggy, Kava-Kava, Pacassi, Cinnabar, Wendy, Tetra, Flora, Joan, Olifer, Nintey-nine, Ingis, Mess, Macchiato, Anne, Sumire, Wolverine, Stargazer, Oliver, Kawa-Kawa, Horo, Ignis
Che, Kelvin, Hella, Hero, Dolly, Iron, Fox, Chameleon, Pepper, Pepper, Gekkabijin, Lisa

Here is our Path to Nowhere tier list of all the available Sinners. This is a work in progress, but we've taken into account community impressions as well as our own.

Wendy's introduction in Path to Nowhere
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What kinds of Path to Nowhere characters are there?

In Path to Nowhere, there are quite a few different classes of Sinners you can use.

There are units with healing abilities, some with super fast attacks, and characters like Ninety-Nine or Dolly who specialise in heavy damage. Units like Wendy are specially equipped to deal with more than one enemy at a time.

If you're looking for healers, then Hamel will do just fine, or you could get support units such as Anne and Ariel to provide buffs. There are specific magic users too, like Hecate and Pacassi, who will only deal in magical attacks.

Of course, there is a ranged class, including EMP as a bow user. There are defensive units to provide shields too, with this category including Peggy, K.K, and Demolia.

These types of Sinners don't have labelled categories as such, so you'll need to check out each of their bios to figure out what they can do, and what sort of team they will be best in if you get them.

How do I get more characters in Path to Nowhere?

As a gacha game, Path to Nowhere works on a pull system, where each character you unlock is randomised. There is a pity system involved too, so every so often you'll be guaranteed a rarer Sinner if you've been getting unlucky.

To get new characters, hit one of the banners in the lower left corner of the main menu. Here you can choose which banner to pull on. For instance, there is a banner that Summer has boosted rates on currently.

You can also use Warrants to perform Arrests, which grant you a new character. These can be purchased with Hypercubes, or gained as rewards for completing missions.

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