Outerplane tier list - All heroes ranked for launch (May 2023)

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One of the Outerplane characters Idith as a boss during Chapter 1.

Outerplane boasts over 35 heroes in its character system. They are balanced but not up to par. Players must rely on the Outerplane tier list to use the meta heroes and create the strongest team.

In this article, we gathered all the Outerplane heroes and ranked them from the most powerful to the weakest. We’ll keep this list up-to-date as in-game meta changes, adding the new meta heroes in high tiers!

Outerplane tier list - Best heroes ranked

Tier Heroes
Tier SValentine, Veronica, Rin, Saeran, Kate, Alice, Laplace, Francesca
Tier ALeo, Eliza, Beth, Rhona, Noa, Snow, Vera, Tio, Idith, Philia, Fenrir
Tier BEva, K, Lisha, Tanya, Alpha, Sofia, Cindy, Dolly, Naru Kang, Faenan, Iris, Parti, Maxwell, Marian, Adelie
Tier CClaire, Lily, Guizam, Rico, Yuri, Laine,
Tier DFlamberge, Orox, Shu, Bleu, Pesketh

Like any other game, the S tier includes the most powerful heroes, and D tier the weakest ones. A tier heroes are powerful but insufficient to become meta. Tier B/C characters are the perfect choice for beginners. They are highly accessible but still playable in our Outerplane tier list.

If you are a skilled player, no need to worry that some heroes in your team don't match the tier requirements. A properly created tier B team will always win against a poorly balanced tier A team. Such a principle works with every tier. Focus on creating a balanced team, and success will follow you.

Who are the strongest Outerplane heroes?

As you can see in our Outerplane tier list, a few characters stand out with their power from the rest:

  • Valentine
  • Veronica
  • Rin
  • Saeran
  • Kate
  • Alice
  • Laplace
  • Francesca
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Even though some try to compare these heroes, we consider it a bad idea. Each character in Outerplane is unique and plays a specific role in a team.

The only way to compare tier S heroes is to play with all of them and then try to estimate their battle effectiveness. Still, it seems that the result is not worth the effort.

Best team in Outerplane


If you want to create the most powerful team in Outerplane, feel free to mix up the following heroes:

  • Veronica
  • Saeran
  • Francesca

Veronica is a tank, Francesca attacker, and Saeran healer. They perfectly synergise with each other, ensuring your team the best attack and defence potential. The only issue is that all these heroes are Tier S. Therefore, creating such a team might take time and effort.

That's it with the Outerplane tier list! If you want more on the game, feel free to redeem the latest Outerplane codes as they release. For additional tier lists, we've got a Project Slayers tier list and Mobile Legends tier list!

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