Necromerger codes (February 2023) - Free coins and runes

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Image of various skeleton grunts in Necromerger.
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February 3, 2023: We updated our list of new Necromerger codes.

Need some Necromerger codes? This hit idle building game places you in the depths of hell, tasked with feeding runes and souls to your fledgling monster to eventually take over the world. Getting started can be a grindy process, so freebies granted through codes are definitely handy.


In this Necromerger guide, we'll break down all the cheat codes you can redeem right now. That's alongside details on exactly how to redeem your codes, as well as places to check for future coupons down the line.

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New Necromerger codes (February 2023)

  • CEMETERY - Free boosts
  • X78HT3P4 - 15 Astro Coins
  • FREEZING - 25 Ice Runes
  • DEVOURER - 50 Gems
  • GOLDRUSH - 100 Gold

The following Necromerger codes have sadly expired. These were last confirmed as inactive on February 3, 2023.

Expired codes:

  • LAUNCHED - Free items
Image of the Necromerger code redemption screen.

How do I use Necromerger codes?

Fortunately, redeeming your Necromerger codes is a nice and easy process. To reach that stage, all you need to do is complete the very brief tutorial, which shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Once that's done, this is what you need to do:

  • Boot up Necromerger on your mobile device.
  • Tap the Settings cog in the top-right of the screen.
  • Then head to the Cheat Codes text box on the bottom right.
  • Paste in a code from our list and hit Return.
  • You'll then get a notification saying what you've unlocked!

What are Necromerger codes?

Necromerger cheat codes are free coupons you can use to grab in-game items. These tend to be extra doses of currency and other crafting resources, to ensure you've always got enough in your inventory to keep progressing.


Right now, you can redeem codes to get ice runes, gems, and gold. These are the three main resources, used to feed to your monster, earn more mana, and purchase upgrades. All are crucial as you work towards levelling up, so it's a good idea to snap these codes up while they're still active.

How do I get more Necromerger codes?

Fortunately, it appears that Necromerger codes are still arriving fairly frequently. The game launched in open beta in March 2022, but as it expands and more players get their eyes on it, you can bet that more codes will arrive to accommodate the demand. As such, we've compiled a few places to check for codes, so you can snap them up as soon as they arrive.

Firstly, you should keep an eye on the Twitter account of the devs, Grumpy Rhino Games. That's where codes have arrived in the past, though there hasn't been one on there since June 2022. It's also a good idea to keep tabs on their official website, though there aren't any codes on there to speak of just yet.

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