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Master of Knights tier list - All characters ranked (July 2023)

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Master of Knights: Characters
Credit: Neowiz

Here we’ll provide you with a Master of Knights tier list so you know which fighters you should focus on. The effectiveness of your strategy depends on the characters you bring to the battle, their strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility.

With this list, you’ll be able to find the strongest characters in the current meta and form an unbeatable team! At the same time, feel free to use the characters you like, even if they are in the lower tier. They can still be strong if you know how to use them effectively.

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Master of Knights tier list

A group of characters stood together in Master of Knights.
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There are many different characters in Master of Knights, and each of them brings something unique to the team. However, not all of them are equally balanced and some heroes are definitely stronger than others. So, here’s a tier list of characters in Master of Knights:

Tier Character
SIfrit, Valkyrie, Sonia, Lilith, Verdandi, Bunny Alonso, Astaroth
AEsperanza, Vivian, Bartholomew, Lachesis, Amdusias, Suzaku
BArtemis, Claudia, Mikoto, Sia, Natasha, Lancelot, Limnoria, Tesla
CNocturne, Percival, Hotaru, Ravel, Neil, Sylph, Sinmara, Baldur
DBellatrix, Flhis, Lucifer, Merrow, Raphael, Haures, Alice, Herman

Who are the best characters in Master of Knights?

There are a few characters that can be considered top-tier. In this article, we’d like to focus on four of them and tell you about these incredibly powerful heroes.

First of all, we want to mention Ifrit. This character has amazing AoE damage and she will be a great addition to any team. However, you should always cover her as she is vulnerable to attacks, taking lots of damage.

The second character we’ll mention is Lilith. She is also a good damage-dealer with an interesting feature. Lilith has a unique ability to reduce the AP of her enemies. So, with her help, you can make the life of your opponents really difficult, as they will have fewer points to make their moves.

Valkyrie is a great archer who can deal decent damage and knock down your enemies easily from a distance. Her ranged attacks will be a powerful tool in the right hands.

Sonia is a support-type character who can remove positive effects from your enemies and buff your characters. She pairs well with Lilith, who has an amazing ability to reduce the AP of your opponent.

How to get new characters in Master of Knights


Master of Knights is a gacha game, which means that you will have to summon new characters through the gacha mechanic. So, get ready for a lot of random pulls, as it is not easy to get a legendary hero in such games.

Also, you can get some character fragments from different events and other activities. In addition, you will receive a couple of free characters at the beginning of your journey. Therefore, you could technically reroll the campaign until you get a team you're happy with.

The new tactics RPG looks promising and we hope this tier list helps you improve your team in this game! Be careful as combat in Master of Knights isn’t easy! Before you go, check out our list of the best Android farming games.

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