Marvel Snap variants list - How do they work?

A Chibi variant of Thanos in Marvel Snap.

A Chibi variant of Thanos in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap is a Domination-style card game, in which the cards themselves are beloved characters from across the Marvel Universe. Players can build their decks to use the card's abilities to maximum effect, or just simply use their favourite superheroes.

Considering how well-known a lot of these characters are, it is unsurprising to many that they will have different looks, outfits, and styles across the years. This is where Marvel Snap variants come in. They provide alternate art for a character that can inject a lot of personality into your deck.

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What are Marvel Snap variants?

As hinted at, Marvel Snap variants are alternate forms of existing cards. The variant art versions can show the character in a specific style, such as Luchador, or Chibi, or will have them in a different outfit from an alternate storyline.

They are treated as a separate entity from the base version, in order to give you a proper choice between them. Variant cards can even be upgraded in rarity, so you can achieve cool new effects for your favourite characters.

How do I get variant cards in Marvel Snap?

Variants can currently be obtained in a variety of ways:

  • Daily offer, found in the shop
  • Season pass
  • Collector's reserve
  • Promotions, such as the launch week celebration which is currently live

Once you've obtained your variant, then it's easy to equip it. As it's treated as its own separate card, you simply add it to your deck from the deck-building screen. This does have its downsides, however, as any upgrades you've spent on the base card will not transfer over to the new variant card.

Also, don't worry if you don't like a particular variant card! There are a lot to choose from, and the shop does a great job at offering a wide selection that changes quite frequently. They even offer specific variants that you can browse through once you've collected the base character.

How many Marvel Snap variants are there?

There are a lot of different Variants that each card can get. Here is a full list of all Marvel Snap card variants:

A table filled with the different card variants currently available.
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Credit: Megan Elswyth
Take your pick!

Of course, no character has all of these variants, as that would be obscene. Instead, each superhero or villain will have a pool of around five different variants for you to collect. This means there's going to be at least one of the styles that you like to choose from and integrate into your deck.

That's it for our look at variant cards in Marvel Snap! For even more on the game, check out how to discard Marvel Snap cards from your deck, as well as our tips on how to spend your Marvel Snap gold.

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