King of Fighters Arena NFTs - Is KoF Arena a crypto game?

Image of a character from the King of Fighters series.

Image of a character from the King of Fighters series.

In today's gaming landscape, the idea of King of Fighters Arena NFTs isn't all that surprising. The latest game in the long-running fighter franchise is official, though publisher NetEase's propensity to lean towards blockchain games has some fans nervous about whether or not King of Fighters Arena is a crypto game and how they system could work.

In this King of Fighters Arena guide, we'll explain how NFTs work in the game. That includes a definitive answer on whether or not they exist in this new mobile and PC title, as well as how it plans to implement them. Of course, for those wary of the blockchain's influence on gaming, we'll outline whether you need NFTs to play the game, or can go down a free to play route.

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Is King of Fighters Arena an NFT game?

Put simply, King of Fighters Arena is an NFT game. It's not exclusively made to take advantage of blockchain technology and the rapidly evolving digital marketplace, but these factors certainly play a role in the game.

We'll get more in-depth on it in subsequent sections, but there are several formats of NFT integration in King of Fighters Arena. Of course, the game isn't out yet, but the chances are you won't be able to play it without encountering blockchain features in some capacity.

Image of gameplay from King of Fighters XV.
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How do NFTs work in King of Fighters Arena?

Fighters' Club Tokens

Though it's buried a little in the announcement details, the proof is there tha King of Fighters Arena is a crypto game running on the blockchain, and King of Fighters Arena NFTs play a part in that.

The first-party crypto integration in King of Fighters Arena comes in the form of Fighters' Club Tokens. This is a proprietary token using the MARBLEX platform, which you can then buy, sell, and trade outside of the game as you see fit.

When the game releases, a total of 1 billion FCT will be released. You can save up Fight Money, a free currency earned by playing matches and completing objectives, to purchase FCT as you please. A total of 620 million FCT will be for sale to players, with the rest dedicated to running costs and other commitments.

The aim appears to be for FCT to become a cryptocurrency in and of itself, with players enjoying the game while also earning passively. Of course, it remains to be seen how that will work in practice. One thing the dev has said is that the more dedicated players who finish in high ranks will have access to more FCT, angling away from those solely playing to mine.

Third-party NFTs

Alongside the integration of Fighters' Club Tokens, some specific NFTs are compatible with King of Fighters Arena. The game's Gitbook page specifically mentions the Controller as an example of NFTs that can passively mine more FCT without explicitly playing the game at the same time.

Fighter Cards

Of course, King of Fighters Arena also has its own bespoke NFT, alongside the cryptocurrency. Each fighter in the game will be granted 64 Fighter Cards, each a specific NFT to be bought and sold. There are varying rarity levels within those 64 cards per character, so you'll have to see which one you get.

Do I need NFTs to play King of Fighters Arena?

Fortunately, it doesn't seem like owning a Fighter Card is crucial in playing King of Fighters Arena. There's nothing official yet on this topic from NetEase, but the potential for that to limit the player base - and as such the spread of FCT as a token - means it would be unlikely.

That's it for our look at King of Fighters Arena NFTs! As soon as we learn more about how the metaverse works in this new game, we'll update this guide. Until then, feel free to grab the latest Genshin Impact codes from the new update!

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