Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 guide - Best team comps and boss strategy

A character sat perched on a mech robot in Honkai Star Rail.

A character sat perched on a mech robot in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4 is a massive difficulty spike. If you do not have enough DPS to take down Svarog, you are in for a rough time. Our guide will help you bypass some of Svarog’s mechanics and take down his goons with ease.

If you are trying to clear Simulated Universe World 4, please make sure that you have Level 50 characters on your account. The final boss ramps up his attack, and if you do not have enough HP to tank his attacks or kill him fast enough, you are going to get one shot.

Best characters in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4

The elements you want to bring to World 4 are Lightning, Wind, and Fire.


If you have Sampo built, he is one of the most effective characters in World 4. His DoT effects can shred through the shields of robotics enemies. When paired with other DoT characters like Serval, you will be able to take down Svarog without breaking a sweat.

Dan Heng

The best free-to-play DPS option for World 4 if you are lacking powerful Hunt characters is Dan Heng. He is extremely potent in the final fight because of how fast he can free captured allies.


Serval is incredibly powerful in World 4 due to the presence of robotic enemies. The final boss fight has only robotic enemies and they are vulnerable to Lightning damage.

Serval’s DoT and skill do multi-hit damage, which helps break enemy shields in an attack or two, making her one of the best shield-breakers to bring to World 4.


If you are going for the Path of Nihility, Asta is one of the best characters to pair with Serval. Fire Weakness is prevalent throughout World 4 and Asta’s multi-hit skill can easily burn the shield gauge of enemies.


World 4 is one of the few places where Himeko truly shines. She can dish out massive amounts of DoT damage and tear through Svarog’s shield with ease. If you are bringing Himeko to World 4, make sure you choose the Path of Nihility and stack as many DoT effects as possible.


Bailu is one of the best healers to bring to World 4 because of her massive healing and ability to break shields with her Basic Attacks. If you do not have Bailu, you can consider bringing Natasha instead but make sure that you invest in Natasha’s Traces so you don’t struggle with healing.

Best teams in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4

Best F2P team - Dan Heng, Fire Trailblazer, Natasha, Serval

This team relies on Nihility buffs to deal massive AoE damage. If you can swap Dan Heng for Sampo, you can boost your overall team damage even further by using Wind Shear’s DoT procs.

Fire Trailblazer needs to have enough DEF to block Svarog’s incoming damage. But if you have Gepard you should bring him instead, as his defensive utility is superior to Fire Trailblazer in most scenarios.

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Best budget team - Himeko, Serval, Natasha, Asta

Himeko is the only 5-star unit in this setup, and you can use the Path of Nihility for DoT damage. What sets this team apart from the F2P variant is that Himeko’s burst damage can be used to tear through Svarog’s shields and trigger the Break Effect on him.

You can replace Asta with Fire Trailblazer in case you have difficulties staying alive during the boss fights in World 4. If you have Sampo, he can be a viable replacement for Himeko in this team as well.

Best high-end team - Serval, Sampo, Himeko, Bailu

Because of how powerful Bailu’s healing is, you don’t need a second defensive unit. You can rely on the consistent healing offered by Bailu to keep yourself alive. This team relies on Serval, Sampo, and Himeko triggering their respective status effects for massive DoT damage.

You want to get as many DoT Blessings as possible to maximise your DPS. If you manage to get some powerful Curios that boost your Resonance damage and recharge, you should pick them up immediately.

Best path in Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe World 4

There are two great ways to take on World 4. The first is the Nihility path, which involves stacking DoT effects using Asta, Serval, and Sampo. If you have enough Blessings for DoT effects you will do tons of damage every turn and melt enemies through their shields.

If you do not have enough DoT characters, consider using Hunt instead and bring single-target DPS units like Yanqing, Dan Heng, or Seele. Dan Heng and Seele are extremely strong in the final boss fight as they have favourable elements to help you free captured allies.

If you have Gepard or a well-invested Fire Trailblazer, you can go for Preservation as well. You want to stack all of your shield buffs, and it will allow you to trivialise some of the hardest fights in World 4. While Preservation is heavily recommended by players, you need to have the right characters to take advantage of it, so we recommend giving Nihility or Hunt a try first instead.

For more Honkai Star Rail content, we have a list of Honkai Star Rail codes for some free Stellar Jades. In case you have already redeemed the codes, consider checking out how to get Honkai Star Rail Twitch drops to earn some in-game resources. Also, you can check out our Dan Heng build and Serval build. Both characters are core to our free-to-play strategy and you should level them up for a comfortable experience in World 4.

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