How to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail cover art

Honkai Star Rail cover art
April 3, 2024: Want to know how to get Star Rail passes in Honkai Star Rail? We've got you covered!

Now that the game has launched, you may be looking to know how to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail. Given they are an important part of the game, knowing how they work and what they are used for is important. In this guide, we not only go over how to get them, but also what you should do with them.

Honkai Star Rail is the much-anticipated follow-up to Genshin Impact. Taking a much more futuristic look at the formula set by Genshin Impact, there is enough depth there to keep you constantly learning, but enough to hook you in when you start. This is one of those games that you will be playing for a long time!

What are Star Rail passes in Honkai Star Rail?

In Honkai Star Rail, Star Rail passes are a form of currency used to grab rare new characters through the game's gacha system, named Warps. Essentially, you gamble your passes for a random character who coincides with a certain theme, quality or type.

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If you want to unlock more characters, it's Star Rail passes you'll need to use.

How to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail

There are tonnes of different types of Star Rail Passes you can find in Honkai Star Rail. They are gained through login events, missions, ascending characters, buying them with actual money, or by making your way through the battle pass. As you could warp 100 times without getting the character you want, Honkai Star Rail gives you quite a few just by playing the game.

Generally speaking, you should aim to diversify your mission and character choices early on, and this should help you farm Star Rail Passes as you play.

Now that you know how to get Star Rail Passes in Honkai Star Rail, you may be looking for more information on the game. If so, here are all Honkai Star Rail relics explained, what we know about Honkai Star Rail banners, and all the latest Honkai Star Rail codes.

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