Honkai Star Rail Herta Space Station chest locations - All Basic, Bountiful, and Precious coffers

The Honkai Star Rail Herta Space Station chest locations should give you enough loot to keep you pushing through the early game. Being a location you'll find yourself in early on, you're bound to miss a few as you get to grips with the game. But you can go back. Here are a handful of central locations you need to check out.

In this, we go over where you can expect to find all of the chests, plus how to get them, and what you are likely to find. Given they are an important part of building out your inventory, you want to make sure to grab as many as you can.

Honkai Star Rail Herta Space Station chest locations

To start out, the Master Control Zone has no chests you can find. It does have some extra loot but these are less important. After this, look at the Base Zone which has one to two chests in almost every room. You can find them on the map below.

Herta Space Station chest locations
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From here, Storage Zone B1 has no chests in it, though Storage Zone 1F has five chests in the three central areas, all near each other. Like Storage Zone 1F, Storage Zone 2F has quite a few chests together (6 this time) though there are limited rooms so you can grab them all right next to each other.

There are only two chests in Supply Zone 1F but they are in the central room, right next to each other. Supply Zone 2F has quite a lot of chests, offering a huge reward. You can find them all in the map below

Honkai: Star Rail Herta Space Station chest locations
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What do you get from Honkai: Star Rail chests?

There are three central tiers of chest you can find in Herta Space Station. They are:

  • Basic Treasure - The most common kind of treasure. These generally come with a small amount of resources to keep you moving along.
  • Bountiful Treasure - The second-best treasure in this area. Though not often filled with rare things, this will give you lots of uncommon loot
  • Precious Treasure - The rarest treasure here. This will give you rare components, items, and maybe even Stellar Jade that will help you out later on.

If you're looking for more information on the game, there's tonnes out there. Here are all events in Honkai: Star Rail, our complete Honkai: Star Rail tier list, and our full Honkai: Star Rail Kafka build.

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