Eroica tier list - best characters for November 2022

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Eroica characters.
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Journey across Arrier and build your team, taking their strengths to new heights with our Eroica tier list. As is the case with any gacha RPG on mobile, following our Eroica tier list and knowing how to reroll your account can really help you avoid putting finite upgrade materials into characters that aren't destined for much.

FourThirtyThree Inc's turn-based RPG is available on mobile platforms now, and boasts an impressive 2D-3D style. The story is an Isekai, seeing you enter a different world and try to figure out the story as you go. There's a deep Team Chemistry mechanic to take note of here too, so make sure your party is in tip-top condition.


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Eroica tier list

The selection of characters in Eroica range in rarity from 1 to 3 stars, and have different uses like debuff, burst damage, and damage over time. They use a variety of weapons too, and there are five classes available. Our tier list takes everything into account, and shows who comes out on top despite all differences.


Here's our curated tier list of all the characters currently in Eroica:

Eroica reroll steps

  • Launch the game
  • Enter the game with a guest account - don't use your proper sign in yet.
  • Play through tutorial levels until you get the ability to do a 10 pull on the banner.
  • Pull and see who you get!
  • Not satisfied? Uninstall the game, and repeat.

An Eroica reroll can be time-consuming, but it's super easy to do if you're not happy with your initial pulls. Follow these steps in order to reroll your account for some top-tier characters right from the star.

Once you've got some good characters, you can create a proper account to save your progress.

What character classes are there?

Within the game, there are a few different classes of character you can use on your team.


These include Mages, who deal magic damage, Slashers that use swords, Shooters, Healers, and Shadow characters. These classes can be combined to make a formidable damage team, but we suggest using a Healer too, so you don't lose precious team members on the battlefield.

Each character has their own abilities which can help to deal some extra damage or to protect other party members.

What elements are there in Eroica?

Eroica features five different elements that are attached to each character. These are Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. They will interact with each other, and some have strengths over others.


And that's about all there is to say on the Eroica tier list. We'll keep an eye on the game and endeavor to update it with any new characters if it remains popular enough. New characters tend to drop frequently in games like these, so don't expect top-tier picks to remain the best forever.