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Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build guide

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Diablo Immortal Blood Knight
Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Blood, shadows, and steel are the core of the game's first post-launch class, and our Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build will help you unleash the potential of its ghastly abomination form. This dark warrior has unique abilities and is especially good at killing opponents in close combat, with plenty of room for necessary survival skills to boot.

The ability to transform into a terrifying blood abomination will be the basis of our build for the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal. It'll be a struggle while we work on uncovering every little detail about this new cold and calculating class, but we're on a mission to squeeze everything possible out of its core skill, using a couple of others to get it over the line.

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight build

The Diablo Immortal Blood Knight has some pretty impressive skills. In general, the new class has good potential across a number of builds, but we're focusing our efforts on a stand-out one to keep things simple - the Abomination Blood Knight build.


This strategy involves maximizing the potential of the demonic form of your Blood Knight. We are going to increase the duration of this ability and its damage. To do this, you will need the following skills:

  • Shadow’s Edge – A good auto-attack that can deal decent damage if you choose the right equipment.
  • Whirling Strike – One of the best crowd-clearing skills a Blood Knight can wish for.
  • Skewer – A good crowd-control ability that also provides extra mobility.
  • Shroud of Night – With the proper legendary items, this is a powerful damage-dealing strike.
  • Abomination – Once you're all set up, Abomination will work with your other skills to deliver devastating damage.
Diablo Immortal Blood Knight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Let's take a look at Blood Knight's best skills!


Name Slot Description
Red ConcordMain HandIncreases the damage of Whirling Strike and allows it to apply the Burn effect to enemies.
The BesalverAlternate Main HandTurns your Skewer into a leap, which improves your mobility.
Gorger’s YawnOff-HandAllows your Shadow’s Edge to hit more enemies with ricochet daggers.
Sprig of HawthornAlternate Off-HandYour Skewer increases your damage for a short time. Pairs well with The Besalver.
Siren’s GrinHeadGives your Whirling Strike an additional charge and increases its damage.
InfluencerChestThe Shroud of Night buff now applies only to your, but your other skills summon an apparition for additional damage.
Consent to EcstasyShouldersSignificantly increases the damage of your Abomination. The more enemies you kill, the more damage you deal.
Reliable PerilLegsWhile Abomination is active, you emit a deadly aura that deals a lot of damage to nearby enemies.

Of course, all of these abilities won't be all that effective unless they're enhanced by certain legendary gems. Fortunately, Diablo Immortal has good options for Blood Knight in the set item department. Read on.


Diablo Immortal Blood Knight
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Credit: Blizzard Entertainment
Now let's take a look at Blood Knight's best sets!

Also, you will have to choose jewelry for your Blood Knight and the game has a couple of good sets that improve your skills and Abomination.

  • Gloomguide’s Prize – Four pieces of this set will give you good damage bonuses that can be activated by using dash skills. As you remember, our build has Skewer and it will help you to use these buffs.
  • Vithu’s Urges – Two pieces of this set are extremely important for our build. The bonus will increase the duration of all beneficial effects by 30%, which affects the Abomination ability.

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Abomination build strategy

Playing as a Blood Knight with this build means constantly changing from one form to another. You start as a human and must use your area attacks and Skewer to clear mobs. Once you have enough Anger, you can transform into Abomination.

In this form, you become especially deadly. Enemies will take a decent amount of damage just by being close to Abomination. After 20 seconds, the effect of the ability will end and you will turn into a human, creating a rotation to follow as you plow through the enemies of Sanctuary.


Constantly repeating this cycle, the Blood Knight will bring death to anyone you can reach. Even the strongest bosses will not be able to resist your might.

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