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How to use COD Mobile Tournament rewards spinner

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A screenshot from the promotional trailer of Season 7 Heatwave in COD Mobile.
Credit: Papa Joe on YouTube, Activision

In Call of Duty: Mobile, the game's currency of Call of Duty Points allows you to purchase various items such as Battle Passes, cosmetics, and more to customise your playing experience. In line with that, the game aims to give more opportunities for players to increase their point earnings with the new Rewards Spinner. We'll break down what it is and how to use the COD Mobile Tournament rewards spinner with our guide below.

This new feature is part of the upcoming COD Mobile Season 7 update which brings the hottest new content fit for the summer. Besides the rewards spinner, the new season also offers a new Seaside Multiplayer map, new Tournament mode updates, the Striker 45 SMG, and more

How to use COD Mobile Tournament rewards spinner

For some context, Tournament Mode was introduced in the game during Season 4 where players had to win matches and earn crowns which can be exchanged for rewards.

Some of these rewards included crates and emotes that players can access through shard cards.

A screenshot of the rewards spinner tickers in COD Mobile.
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Credit: Papa Joe on YouTube, Activision

This brings us to the Reward Spinner which will "appear at certain intervals throughout each Tournament," according to the developers. Moreover, it was also noted that this system will include rewards such as COD Points, Tournament Winner Chests, and Credits.

To use the COD Mobile Tournament rewards spinner, players must first earn tickets by reaching particular milestones in the game. This is available to both free-to-play and premium players of COD Mobile.

However, only premium players can receive up to two tickets while free-to-play players can only get one. This is due to premium players being able to purchase premium rewards. With that in mind, free-to-play players may be at a disadvantage for this rewards system.

In terms of exchanging the tickets for a chance to spin for rewards, we still don't have much information about this. But we can assume that there will be a section in-game for the rewards spinner wherein players can simply press a button to have their ticket exchanged for the chance of an in-game reward. We'll continue to update this guide once we get that information.


Overall, the rewards spinner for COD Mobile seems to help the issue of motivating players to participate in Tournament Mode. However, the chances of winning Call of Duty Points through this system may be low as the rewards are mixed with crates and credits. But we'll still see how this update and the new system will turn out for players.

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