Best COD Mobile Striker 45 loadout

Screenshot of COD Mobile player holding Striker 45 SMG
Credit: Activision

Screenshot of COD Mobile player holding Striker 45 SMG
Credit: Activision

For a smooth start to Season 7, you definitely need to know the best COD Mobile Striker 45 loadout. There're plenty of different submachine guns that you can use, and with the release of the new COD Mobile season, the Striker 45 has been added to the ever-expanding weapon category.

The Striker 45 is a submachine gun and is capable of excelling in close-quarters combat in addition to mid-range engagements. With the right attachments equipped, it's even easier to make an impact throughout a match.

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What is the best COD Mobile Striker 45 loadout?

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Credit: Activision

With Season 7 beginning on August 2, it's currently impossible to determine the best Striker 45 loadout in COD Mobile. We expect an attachment combination that improves damage and reduces recoil will prove popular.

As soon as the season begins, we'll update the guide with a full attachment list and the reasons behind our selection.

How to upgrade Striker 45 in COD Mobile

The Striker 45 can be upgraded in the Gunsmith menu like other weapons. There, you will be able to equip numerous attachments and upgrades to your weapon in order to improve its performance.

It is very important to build the best Striker 45 loadout, as it’ll improve the SMG's performance in the heat of battle.

How to unlock Striker 45

The Striker 45 is the solitary weapon featuring in the Season 5 battle pass.

To obtain the SMG, simply reach Tier 21. The process is incredibly straightforward and may involve a few hours of grinding through the battle pass. Once you reach Tier 21, you'll have the ability to use the Striker 45 as part of a loadout.

The Striker 45 seems like a really powerful weapon and you should definitely give it a try. Perhaps this submachine gun will bring you a huge win streak! If you are looking for more content like this, feel free to read our guide on how you can unlock the Thumper weapon in COD Mobile.

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