COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave patch notes – All buffs and nerfs

Two characters in COD Mobile
Credit: Activision

Two characters in COD Mobile
Credit: Activision

The new season is scheduled for August 2, and below you can see all COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave patch notes. The full list of COD Mobile changes is expected to contain a wealth of buffs and nerfs in a bid to spice up the meta.

Alongside the buffs and nerfs, there's a strong possiblity of a number of bug fixes to address various exploits ruining matches for those jumping into the action.

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COD Mobile Season 7 Heat Wave patch notes – balance changes

Two characters in COD Mobile
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Credit: Activision

COD Mobile Season 7 is a new major update that will bring tons of changes and other content.

Many players expect some old guns to become the new meta because of the update. Also, weapons and other features that were overpowered will receive some nerfs. So, here’s a list of these changes.

Important Note: Season 7 is not out yet and the exact balance changes have yet to be revealed. So, instead of the official patch note, we will provide you with buffs and nerfs from this leak. Leakers On Duty showed some balance changes that will definitely affect the multiplayer experience.


  • All LMGs now have a bullet impact of 2


  • All Snipers now have a bullet impact of 3.

SVD [MP Only]

  • Decreased lower arm damage multiplier from x1.4 to x1.3
  • Decreased damage from 80-70 to 78-75-70
  • Range decreased from 30m to 15-30m (in correlation with the new damage phase)

Type 25

  • Improved reload speed by 13%

M4 (Underbarrel grenade launcher rework)

  • Switching to the underbarrel grenade launcher now has a switch time
  • Underbarrel grenade launcher now has its own unique inspection and ADS animation
  • Underbarrel Launcher ammo increased by 1


  • Improved reload speed by 13%


  • Improved reload speed by 9.5%

KN 44

  • Decreased hit flinch from 0.65 to 0.55

ASM 10

  • Tactical reload speed increased by 7%

Branson Barrel

  • Leg damage multiplier increased from x0.9 to x1


  • Decreased aim shake
  • Improved reload speed by 7%
  • Improved range profile from 9m to 9.5m


Monolithic Suppressor

  • Range improved from 12% to 18%

Marksman Barrel

  • ADS time penalty decreased from 15% to 8%

Kilo Bolt-Action

  • Decreased ADS time from 360ms to 330ms


  • Decreased vertical recoil by 30%


  • Improved reload speed by 33% (to fit reload animation)


  • Improved reload speed by 11%


  • Ammo capacity increased from 160 to 200


  • Damage increased from 20 per second to 30 per second

Sticky Grenade

  • Detonation time after being thrown reduced from 5s to 3s

EMP Grenade

  • Effective range increased from 8m to 9m
  • Decreased maximum effective time to self from 2s to 1s

Dauntless Perk

  • Improved burning damage reduction from 30% to 40%

Unit Support Perk

  • Improved scoring ratio
  • Increased teammate shared operator skill charge from 30% to 40%
  • Decreased personal operator skill charge from 60% to 50%

Tracker Perk

  • Tracking time increased from 4s to 6s

Agile Perk

  • Sprint to fire reduction increased from 10% to 15%

Scout Class

  • Teammates can now see the friendly sensor darts radius on the mini-map correctly
  • Now teammates can see red dots on the mini-map and the enemy silhouette

Clown Class

  • Decreased charge speed from 40/40 to 40/45

These are all leaks related to balance changes in the next COD Mobile Season, and we hope we helped you to prepare for the new meta. It looks like these buffs and nerfs will make the game more diverse and interesting, so have fun.

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