Black Clover Mobile tier list - all characters ranked (December 2022)

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Looking to get into Black Clover Mobile, and want to assemble the best team possible? Well then you'll definitely want to check out our Black Clover Mobile tier list.

Black Clover Mobile is an upcoming mobile RPG based on the widely popular anime, Black Clover. The game is due to be released on iOS and Android both, and features a gacha system to build your team with. The game features turn based combat using some of your favorite characters from the show.


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Black Clover Mobile tier list

Tier Character
SYuno, William Vangeance, Mars, Fuegoleon Vermillion, Mimosa Vermillion (Rookie), Rill Boismortier, Nozel Silva
AYami Sukehiro, Rades Spirito, Jack the Ripper, Asta (Rookie), Charmy Pappitson, ,Mimosa Vermillion (Golden Dawn), Noelle Silva, Nebra Silva, Heath Grice, Charlotte Roselei
BAsta (The Iron Will), Klaus Lunettes, Solid Silva, Alecdora Sandler, Sally, Shiren Tium, Lotus Whomalt, Revchi Salik
CLuck Voltia, Magna Swing, Sekke Bronzazza, Salim de Hapshass, Geork, Leopold Vermillion
DValtos, Catherine

The tier list that we have here is based on the beta tests of the game, so these unit rankings are subject to change as the game officially launches, as more units get released, and as balance changes are introduced. Be sure to check back on this page as launch rolls around to be up to date with where all characters end up on the list.


Black Clover Mobile tiers explained

S Tier:

  • These are the best units in the game. These should be prioritized in rolling and building your team. It is worth rerolling your account if you don't get one of these units.

A Tier:

  • Not as strong as S tier, but very good. Will be used as the backbone of many teams until you have all S tier units

B Tier:

  • Solid units. These are ideally filler and are the first to be replaced on a team, unless they are filling a niche role.

C Tier:

  • These are generally very bad units. These should often be avoided, but could fill a very minor niche role on the team.

D Tier:

  • These are the worst units in the game and should be avoided. The only difference between C and D tier units are that D tier units don't have any niche roles.

And that's all that we have for you! As we said, be sure to check back to this tier list when the game launches to make sure you're rolling for the right units. While you're here, if Roblox is your jam, why not check out some of our Roblox guides, such as our Project Slayers codes guide, our Project Slayers tier list, and Xeno Online 2 codes.