Black Clover Mobile reroll guide

Four party members stood in a square in Black Clover Mobile.

Four party members stood in a square in Black Clover Mobile.
September 28, 2023: The game is out now, so check out how to reroll in Black Clover Mobile!

Looking for some Black Clover Mobile reroll tips? While this new mobile RPG based on the hit anime series may not be fully out worldwide yet, there's never a bad time to brush up on how you reroll. It's key if your first gacha spins haven't gone to plan, giving you a fresh shot at getting top-tier operators.

In this Black Clover Mobile guide, we'll break down the reroll process. That includes specific steps on how it works, as well as how you can delete your account if you've already signed up but want a totally fresh start. That'll help you get the top characters you need!

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How do I reroll in Black Clover Mobile?

Since the game has not released worldwide, we don't yet have specifics on how the Black Clover Mobile reroll process will go. As such, the instructions below are our estimate, based on how other mobile games do it. Here is how to reroll:

  • Boot up Black Clover Mobile, and start as a guest account.
  • Play through the tutorial until you get access to the first batch of free spins.
  • If you aren't happy with the results, manually delete the game from your mobile device.
  • Reinstall the game and repeat this process.
  • Once you're happy with your pulls, create an account to save your data.

Using this method, it ensures that you can rinse and repeat the process until you finally get lucky and pull a good character. From there you can set up an account using your email or social media details to permanently hold on to your current roster.

How do I delete my Black Clover Mobile account?

If you instead opted to create an account from the very start but aren't happy with your spins, there will likely be a way within Black Clover Mobile to delete your account and go from square one. As with the instructions above, it's all still speculative, but it'll likely go similar to this:

  • From the main menu in Black Clover Mobile, head to the Settings menu.
  • Tap Account Settings, and scroll down.
  • Choose Delete Account Data, and ensure you're happy to remove all remnants of your progress.
  • Then, you can make a new account and start from scratch.

That's it for our Black Clover Mobile reroll guide! For even more on the game, check out our release date hub here. We've also got a Mobile Legends tier list and Wild Rift tier list for two other massive mobile games!

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