How to get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon

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Two BitLife characters stood in front of a house.

With thousands of possible outcomes in BitLife, it may be confusing to understand how to get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon. It may sounds self-explanatory, but attaining an end-of-life ribbon takes a lot of work.

In this article, we are going to explain to you how this ribbon works, and what exactly you need to do with your character to receive such a reward. Also, we will pay attention to activities that you should avoid if your goal is to become lustful.

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How to get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon

In BitLife, your character gets a defining ribbon upon their gravestone once they die. It's one word used to sum up the main characteristic of their life, so you can look back and remember exactly what made them tick.

In terms of the Lustful Ribbon, you just need to copulate with different people and get as many partners as possible. We estimate between 10 and 20 should be enough, but we recommend that you never stop searching for new partners. Also, you should be aware of some issues that may get in your way.

Why can’t I get the BitLife Lustful Ribbon?

Just sleeping with lots of lovers is not enough, and there are some strategies that will help you get the Lustful Ribbon. Follow these rules:

  • Try to make your character as attractive as possible
  • Have sex with as many partners as possible, even if it comes to a one-night stand
  • Overall, meeting partners should be your main purpose in life. Don’t chase other goals as they may give you a different ribbon in the end

This is how you get the Lustful Ribbon in BitLife. As you can see, it is quite easy. Just focus on this goal and you will definitely succeed in the end!

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