Aether Gazer reroll guide - How to get more characters

A group of characters stood together in Aether Gazer.

A group of characters stood together in Aether Gazer.

If you're looking for a way to reroll in Aether Gazer, then you're in luck. In Aether Gazer, you can explore different zones, each with its own cultures and ideologies, and fight against the Visbanes, a virus that threatens to destroy everything. To do that, you need to assemble a team of powerful characters, each with their own unique abilities and modifiers.

But how do you get the best characters in Aether Gazer? That’s where rerolling comes in. Rerolling is a common strategy in gacha games, where you create multiple accounts and use the initial resources to summon characters until you get the ones you want. This article will show you how to reroll in Aether Gazer and obtain the strongest characters.

How to reroll characters in Aether Gazer

Here are the steps to reroll in Aether Gazer:

  • Launch Aether Gazer on your device and tap on Email on the login screen.
  • Enter your email and the verification code. Accept the terms of service and create your account and username.
  • Complete chapters one and two of the story mode. You can skip the cutscenes and dialogue if you want to speed up the process!
  • Claim all the rewards from achievements, missions, events, and the shop. You should have enough resources for 10 pulls on Tsukuyomi’s banner and 40 pulls on Asura’s banner.
  • Make your pulls and see what characters you get. Aim for S-tier characters such as S Okuninushi, S Poseidon, or S Asura. These characters have high stats and powerful skills that can help you in battles.
  • If you are not satisfied with your pulls, switch accounts by going to Profile > User Center > Switch Account. Remove the current account and use a new salted email to reroll.

Repeat these steps until you get the characters you want. You can also check out our Aether Gazer tier list to see which characters are worth keeping. Once you are happy with your team, you can bind your account to Facebook or Google to save your progress.

After rerolling characters, we've got plenty more guides for you! Check out the latest Outerplane codes and our Outerplane tier list for the new gacha game. On top of that, go ahead and redeem the latest Aether Gazer codes.

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