Aether Gazer tier list (April 2024) - Best heroes ranked

Tier B hero Verthandi showing peace sign.

Tier B hero Verthandi showing peace sign.
April 5, 2024: Gengchen enters our Aether Gazer tier list.

Currently on the hunt for an updated Aether Gazer tier list? The game has officially launched globally only recently, but gamers are already looking to compose the best team and use the most powerful heroes. Your dreams can come true with our tier list.

In this article, we've ranked every Aether Gazer character from the most powerful to the weakest. Also, we've discussed a little about the overpowered meta heroes that break the game these days, so you know who to use!

Aether Gazer tier list - All heroes ranked

There are different tiers of heroes to choose from. Tier S collects the most powerful heroes, and Tier C the weakest. Tier A heroes are close to becoming overpowered, and Tier B is the perfect choice for beginners. They are worth the price!

Aether Gazer tier list


Untainted Heart – Lingguang(S)
Tenblaze – Jinwu
Phantasmal Dawn – Hera(S)


Omnisight – Luliang(S)
TaiYi – Gengchen(S)
Living Osiris(S)
Azure Lord – Mengzhang(S)


Roaring Thunder – Thor(S)
Darkstar – Hel
Shinri Tsukuyomi(S)
S-Grade: Puppet Master – Hades
Jin-ei Kuninotokotachi(S)
Arctic Abyss Poseidon(S)
Rahu Asura(S)


Jackal – Anubis (S)
Rage Serpent – Marduk(S)
Chord of Convallaria – Athena(S)
Counterside Leviathan(S)
Waverender – Skadi(S)
Ryugiri Kagutsuchi(S)
Backflowing – Oceanus (S)
AblaZe TYR(S)


Early Sakura Ookuninushi(S)
Flowfly Mist – Shu(S)

The tier list is not permanent. The in-game meta might be changed over time with different patches and fixes. So, check this article periodically not to miss any valuable changes.

Who are the best heroes in Aether Gazer?

As you can see from the Aether Gazer tier list, the following characters are considered to be overpowered:

  • Tyr
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Asura
  • Poseidon Arctic Abyss
  • Ookuninushi
  • Kuninotokotachi
  • Hera

Even though all these heroes are melee range, each hero has a distinguishing feature ensuring a unique in-game experience and the ability to dominate during the battles.

Tyr is a skilled melee warrior who can smash opponents with his sword, while Tsukuyomi is among the highest-DPS heroes. Use the best heroes, and ensure yourself an enjoyable experience in Aether Gazer.

Best Aether Gazer heroes for beginners

As Aether Gazer launched globally recently, you might be looking for the best heroes for the initial period. In such a case, try out these heroes:

  • Poseidon Tidal Song
  • Tsukuyomi Sakubo
  • Buzenbo Tengu

Once levelled up with proper evolution, these heroes can be extremely powerful despite being A-rarity. Moreover, there is a great chance that some of them will get improvement in the upcoming patches.

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