No Man's Sky Frontiers Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

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No Man's Sky celebrates its 5-year anniversary in 2021, with its current iteration being a world apart from what it was at launch. There's been constant updates, from small quality of life changes to complete rewrites of how the galaxy works. Frontiers is the next update, and is said to be coming soon. To keep track of everything we know about the No Man's Sky Frontiers so far, we created this article. We'll be sure to update it when we know more, right up until release.

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No Man's Sky Frontiers Release Date

As of September 1st 2021, Frontiers seems to be rolling out for some players. Steam databases have been updated revealing a 7GB update. Loading the game now opens with a description for No Man's Sky Frontiers, showing new features added into the game. It is likely that all platforms will have the update by the end of the day.

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No Man's Sky Frontiers Update Features and Patch Notes

Opening No Man's Sky post-update reveals the patch notes for Frontiers, which are as follows:

  • Alien Settlements have been added.
  • Become Overseer to grow villages into towns
  • Make Important decisions about settlement legislation
  • Construct more elaborate bases, hundreds of new base parts
  • Save Slots increased to 15 slots. Quicksilver purchases available from any save.

Sean Murray Tweets

Any No Man's Sky fan worth their salt will know that to truly understand a new update release, one must look to Sean Murray's Twitter account. He's definitely been a lot more active as of August 31, probably in response to the fan who is modding him into the game every day until Frontiers releases. It's the hope that gets you in the end though, so I recommend holding off on any speculation or conspiracy theories based on the Twitter account. In the past it's proven to be a truly maddening endeavour.

That's all we know so far about the No Man's Sky Frontiers update so far. For more on the game be sure to check out our article on why NMS is such a triumph after 5 years. Elsewhere there's our look at getting a free Freighter.

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