Nintendo Switch Base Model Gets Price Cut Across Europe

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Update - 15/09/21:

Nintendo will reportedly not assert a price cut for the base Nintendo Switch in the US.


Axios reporter, Stephen Totilo confirms the report and states that the price reduction is exclusive to European regions, due to reasons associated with the trade price agreement in these areas:

Original story - 13/09/21:

Nintendo is preparing for the launch of the OLED Switch this fall. Releasing alongside Metroid Dread, the upgraded model offers a wider screen, ethernet port, and kickstand.


With the definitive version coming, many have wondered what would happen to the base Switch. But it seems like Nintendo has begun reducing the price of the base model.

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Nintendo Switch Base Model Gets Price Cut Across Europe

Ahead of the OLED Switch's launch in less than a month, Nintendo has issued a permanent price drop on the base Nintendo Switch across Europe.

With the previous costs being £279.99/€329.99, the new RRP is £259.99/€299.99 respectively. Considering the OLED's cost of £309.99/€364.99, this marks a much greater difference in value between the OLED and base Switch. With price drops across these countries, other regions are likely to follow suit.

Even though there have been rumours that Nintendo is developing a 4K Switch, the Japanese company issued a statement earlier this year claiming that there are no current plans to develop further models. Nintendo Switch OLED Model is set to launch on October 8th, 2021.