Switch Sports - How to Customize Your Character

Image of a chambara match in Switch Sports.

If you've got your hands on the Wii Sports successor, the chances are you already want to learn more about Switch Sports character customization. There are far more cosmetic items than in previous games, with everything from facial hair to earrings tweakable according to your preference. We're here to explain exactly how you can make your Switch Sports character that bit more attuned to you.

In this Switch Sports guide, we'll go through how you customize your character. That'll consist of some tips on which menus to browse, as well as a more thorough breakdown of how to unlock new cosmetic items to kit out your character in the latest fashion.

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How Do I Customize My Character In Switch Sports?

If you've already designed your character in Switch Sports but want to change up their outfit, then extensive customization options are available. In these menus you'll be able to equip cosmetic items you've unlocked through season progression, and adjust elements like your nickname and equipment.

From the Switch Sports main menu, choose either of the three gameplay modes: online, local co-op, or online co-op. The customization options are available on each one, so it makes no difference. Then look to the bottom-right of the screen and tap the clothes hanger icon, which brings up the customization menu.

On this screen, you can edit your character's facial appearance, outfits, body shape, and name. Simply click on the option of your choice, and you can filter through the items you've unlocked to edit your character.

Image of the character customisation menu in Switch Sports.
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How Do I Unlock New Items In Switch Sports?

If you find yourself lacking the desired items to kit out your Switch Sports character, then your focus will no doubt be on unlocking new cosmetic items. What may disappoint players is that there isn't a dedicated store, so you can't save up currency to just purchase any clothing of your choice. Instead, there's more of a banner system, where a range of items are available for a limited time, and you spend points on randomly spinning for one of them.

To purchase one of those random spins, you'll need 100 customization points. These are the credits you earn organically by completing online matches, with bonuses for winning and so on. Remember that these upgrade points are only available in the online mode, so don't expect to get them from offline co-op.

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Once you've earned 100, the upgrade wheel will fill up, and you'll be asked to choose one of the two current banners to spin. At the time of writing those are the Simple Collection and the Cute Collection, so pick whichever you prefer. Then it'll randomly pick one of the items in that collection to become yours!

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