Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: All New Features Confirmed, Excluded Straight From Devs In Discord

Aside from the reveals on social media, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl developers have also been open on revealing gameplay mechanics through their official Discord channel. The developers have already answered many questions about this fighting game's mechanics and how it works fully in matches. Knowing some of these mechanics can help players build up their tricks on the game's releases.

All The Reveals From Discord So Far

Every now and then, the developer representative Thaddeus Crews answers some of the questions that the players have about the Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl's mechanics. Most of the representative's reveals have not yet been discussed in any of the reveals about the game. Here's what they've revealed so far:


  • Three button fighter with one button for jump (A=Light, B=Special, X=Strong, Y=Jump based from a Gamecube controller)
  • Hitbox viewer confirmed in training mode
  • Taunts are committal, cannot be cancelled into anything until it finishes
  • Rollback for every platform confirmed on 1v1 mode, Platforms with better hardware roll back for 3 to 4 players
  • Replay mode confirmed
  • Developers are looking to make multihit attacks to reliably drag caught foes if it still has momentum
  • Characters are still not final, may still change on release
  • Future balance patches will focus on improving low tiers to stand toe-to-toe against top tiers rather nerfing top tiers
  • Team friendly fire can be togglable on or off in the game
  • Modding is allowed as long as they are not NSFW content
  • All buttons are remappable except for the C-Stick which is used for some tilt grounded strong attacks and light attacks in the air
  • The developers are working on a wiki for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl which works as a dictionary for characters, their moves, stages, and other important information on SRK similar to Dustloop for Arc System Works fighters
  • More character reveals confirmed before the game is released.


  • No invulnerability on air dashing, can be hit while doing it but is a fast move to do to get out of some attack's way.
  • Only 8 directions for air dash
  • No footstooling. This move is done by jumping near an opponent's head to send them downwards and use them as a spring to jump upward
  • Downward airdashes can be cancelled into anything and can be done at frame 1, allowing freedom to attack or move again after doing this
  • No walking, only running
  • One dash per airtime, getting hit doesn't restore it. Need to land again for another one
  • Crouch spamming is possible
  • No block rolling and spotdodging but still there for tech recovering, crashlanding, and ledge climbing
  • No turn around skidding animation stops which allows players to immediately act after turning around, the turn around animation is mostly cosmetic.
  • No speed differences when strafing
  • No tap jumping and fast falling, replaced with down airdashes
  • No dashdancing to give way for dash attacks and momentum control

Offense and Defense

  • Command grabs cannot be escaped, grabbed player dies first making it advantageous to grab people into the blastzone
  • Normal Throws can be mashed out of to escape
  • Teching throws requires mashing buttons other than the directionals, However, the directionals affect where the character flies off to when they do escape
  • Projectiles can be reflected and grabbed as much as many times. However, the damage and speed bonuses are capped at three projectile reflects. Grabbing own projectile is possible if the player is fast enough
  • Projectiles can be redirected in different directions when using a different respective Strong attack
  • Guard can be reliably cancelled into attacks but not into running or blocking again
  • Legacy inputs improve special move damage, Patrick Star can do a 360 input to improve the damage of his Hugdriver similar to how Smash Ultimate's Ryu and Terry Bogard gets more if they use their specials similarly to their original inputs in their source games
  • Dash attacks can be cancelled into anything but only if it deals damage, cannot do anything else on block, whiff, or hitting invincible frames
  • Responsive controls allow players to get neutral, up and down version of attacks after a dash rather than always getting dash attacks
  • Move buffering exists but no hold buffering or negative edge inputs for this game
  • Ledge cancelling is possible for every move even for taunts
  • Blocking can defend on both sides but mid hits can breach a block if guarding on the wrong side
  • Move spamming is penalized with the move getting slower as it is spammed. However, the reset for this penalty is short which allows players to keep using moves as long it is not for solely spamming the move such as stabilizing combos
  • No damage scaling for using the same move and will keep dealing its original damage as long as it hits in a combo
  • Projectiles can cause foes to teeter near ledges which make it an option for forcing an opening on a defensive foe about to fall
  • Air taunting will make your character honk and enter an untechable tumble state, can be done to generate a weird situation or taunt a foe.

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More Updates To Go Before Release

As seen on the game's official Discord channel, the developers have an open connection to the players about the development of this game. Players can go ahead and ask about the game's systems before the game's release to know more about how Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl works under the hood to improve their skills efficiently.

For now, we'll have to wait for more reveals which we'll update you as more reveals like this sprout out of the official Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Discord:

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