Modern Warfare 3 players avoid unnecessary unlocks with simple zombies trick

Modern Warfare 3 players standing in water while holding weapons
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 players have uncovered a way to avoid the game's unnecessary unlock system thanks to its zombies mode.

The Modern Warfare 3 cycle is in full swing and although 2023's Call of Duty could've been an Advanced Warfare sequel, players are loading into a new multiplayer offering and beginning the process of unlocking the extensive list of guns and weapons.

Typically, players would aim to reach the highest of the ranks, unlocking killstreaks, equipment, and field upgrades along their way to the top level. However, a new system has prevented them from doing just that. In a bid to beat the system, some have found a simple workaround that involves loading into the zombies mode to get their hands on the items instantly.

Uncovered by content creator ExoGhost, the trick involves players completing a successful exfil from a zombies match with the locked weaponry in hand.

Judging by the comments, there are plenty of players unaware of this crafty trick. One player says: "Wish I knew this before unlocking all of them already." Another adds: "Thank you, Mr Ghost. F**k the armoury system."

New for Modern Warfare 3, the Armoury Unlock system allows players to unlock items by completing the three daily challenges and bonus objectives once they're completed instead of obtaining them by levelling up. The introduction of the new system hasn't gone down well. One fan thinks: "That daily challenge unlock system is so stupid. It's literally just in the game to keep player retention."

As everyone loads into zombies for some easy unlocks, there's every chance Sledgehammer Games decides to adjust the system. The developer often acknowledges player feedback and adjusts the game accordingly and with Season 1 on the horizon, is there a chance weapon unlocks are removed from behind the daily challenges? We'll have to wait and see.

For now, the fastest way to unlock the entirety of the Modern Warfare 3 arsenal is by shooting the undead and escaping to safety. Make the most of it while you can.

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