Modern Warfare 3 players request return of Quick Fix perk

Modern Warfare 3 player firing LMG
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 3 players have requested the return of the Quick Fix in a bid to improve Sledgehammer Games' latest multiplayer offering.

With the Pre-Season period for Modern Warfare 3 underway, players continue loading into their favourite maps and game modes to climb the ranks and unlock the coveted mastery camos.

Although the developer increased health levels to improve the time to kill, fans are still after further adjustments to improve Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer even further. The Quick Fix perk was one of the more popular choices in Modern Warfare 2, and now many want it to return.

As the latest Call of Duty cycle continues to progress, user nothing_in took to Reddit asking: "Anyone miss the Quick Fix perk? I really want this perk back."

Other players are also wanting Quick Fix back as a perk to increase the speed of health regeneration. One player says: "Yep, feels like the regen rate is way too slow." Another adds: It's [MW3 health regeneration] longer than Halo's shield regen which is four seconds, this is ridiculous."

The Quick Fix perk first appeared in 2022's Modern Warfare 2 and allowed players to improve health regeneration by scoring another kill or capturing an objective. This enabled players to continue moving around the map without having to take cover and spend time away from the action.

On the other hand, some fans don't think the return of Quick Fix will help the current state of multiplayer. One player believes: "Quick Fix and a time to kill of 300ms? They'd be unkillable if they were on an objective. No thanks." Another says: "As much as I love Quick Fix, it would be busted without some drawbacks in this game."

It's unclear if Sledgehammer Games plans on introducing new perks to enhance health regeneration but it seems players are split on the idea of porting over Quick Fix into multiplayer. The developer continues to acknowledge player feedback so we may see changes to this particular area of the game in the not-too-distant future.

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