Final Fantasy IX remake 'not very ambitious' according to leaker

final fantasy ix remake not very ambitious
Credit: Square Enix

final fantasy ix remake not very ambitious
Credit: Square Enix


  • Final Fantasy IX remake reportedly "not very ambitious"
  • This remake will be a multi-platform release, unlike recent Final Fantasy games
  • Would a straightforward remake be a good decision from Square Enix?

Square Enix’s rumoured Final Fantasy IX remake has a lot of fans excited, since this is one of the most beloved entries in this iconic franchise. While this project has yet to be confirmed, a leaker has claimed that this remake won’t be as ambitious when compared to the FFVII trilogy.

The insider in question is Silknigth, who has gotten a number of rumours right in the past, though fans should still take their word with a grain of salt. On Twitter, the leaker replied to a post about the FFIX characters appearing in Final Fantasy XIV, before being asked by other fans about it.

Based on the tweets from Silknigth, it seems that the Final Fantasy IX remake won’t be a PS5 exclusive like the previous Final Fantasy games. However, this remake will supposedly be “not very ambitious,” suggesting that this could be the same game with a new coat of paint and maybe some voice acting.

On one hand, it would be nice if the devs at Square Enix put a ton of passion into this remake, just like they did with Cloud and his crew. However, the FFVII Remake trilogy does have its fair share of detractors who wanted a more faithful turn-based experience. If Zidanne and his crew get a more straightforward remake with some QOL improvements, this could please a lot of fans.

Previous rumours have said this Final Fantasy IX remake could be similar to the recent Crisis Core Reunion re-release, which many fans enjoyed. While that game was essentially a prettier version of the PSP original, numerous quality of life features and improved combat were enough to elevate it. If Square Enix can do something similar here for Final Fantasy IX, that would make a lot of fans very happy.

No release date for the rumoured Final Fantasy IX remake has been announced. However, fans can play Final Fantasy IX Remastered on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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