Mortal Kombat Pack 3 Character Theory Confounds Reddit

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Aftermath has been out for almost a year, so it's no wonder we're all eager for more Mortal Kombat. For quite some time, I have been sifting through Ed Boon's tweets to see if there are any hints about a spin-off, additional characters, or future games. I've seen some crazy theories, but this one takes the cake.

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A Reddit user named u/Solid_Son has predicted a Mortal Kombat Pack 3 character even though the pack probably isn't coming. Solid_Sun dared to post this in the r/MortalKombatLeaks subreddit instead of a regular Mortal Kombat subreddit. The idea was that a character from Mission Impossible would join the cast, and the reasoning is just as absurd.

Mortal Kombat New Pack 3 Characters

Let's review the theory first. As a result of some tweets by Ed Boon, user Solid_Son believes that Ethan Hunt will be added to Mortal Kombat 11. Tom Cruise plays the character Ethan Hunt, in the Mission Impossible movies.


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The evidence starts with a tweet about Mission Impossible. Ed Boon tweeted about Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible being upset over the movie being halted due to a positive COVID-19 test result. That was the evidence that held the most weight. That's right, and it's the best we can do.

The next piece of evidence, which is somewhat related to Tom Cruise, is Ed Boon's tweet that Spy Hunter deserves a reboot. There's a connection between Tom Cruise and Spy Hunter since Tom Cruise plays a spy. I'm not to blame; blame anyone who upvoted this.

The final tweet from Ed Boon is the least damning piece of evidence. According to Ed Boon, Tom from Tom & Jerry will be joining Mortal Kombat after Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Tom the cat and Tom Cruise share the same first name.

Boom. Your mind has been blown, and you are obviously awaiting more news on this.

Now I know some of you upvoted this because it's funny. Shame on you. You encourage those who don't know any better.

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For those of you who upvoted like this because you somehow thought this was the most brilliant piece of deception ever created by Ed Boon, I have a quote for you. This is from u/bishychulo in this same thread:

"Stopppppp please... If Ed boon posts a video of himself farting while drunk does that mean Bo Rai Cho is coming out? Y'all need to stop acting like Ed's tweets are some sort of cryptic messages they're TWEETS also by now people should know he loves to troll"

In other words, sometimes tweets are just tweets, and sometimes they mean nothing at all. I say this theory has a -100 out of 10 chance of being true.