New Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Shows off PC Exclusive Features

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It won’t be long before PC gamers get their hands on Monster Hunter Rise. Out next week on Steam, Capcom's amping up that excitement with a new Launch Trailer, showcasing some exclusive features that are tempting Switch fans to double-dip.

Notably, players can choose between a range of new visual filters if you're after something stylised. That allows you to swap between Black & White, Sepia, Japanese Style, Warring Lands Style, and two versions of Cinema Style.

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New Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Shows Off PC-Exclusive Features

Furthermore, Monster Hunter Rise features some pleasing performance improvements on PC. Capcom's confirmed it'll have 4K resolution support, high-resolution textures, an uncapped framerate, and even more customization features.

Evidently, its quite an improvement upon the Nintendo Switch version, though if you're hoping for further news on the upcoming Daybreak expansion, you won't find it here. Fans will have to wait before Capcom details a solid release date for Monster Hunter Rise: Daybreak.

Monster Hunter Rise is coming to PC via Steam on January 13, while the Nintendo Switch version is available now. We'll keep you informed as we hear more.

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