Capcom Teases 2022 DLC for Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village

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Capcom had a pretty solid 2021, with Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village both making significant profits whilst also being popular with fans and critics alike. It’s no surprise then that they're making DLC for both games. Now that it’s 2022, Capcom has reassured fans to expect news in the coming weeks and months.

According to Famitsu (translated by Siliconera), Capcom is - as previously announced - working on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the big expansion pack that adds monsters old and new for players to hunt, though no release date was announced.

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Capcom Teases 2022 DLC for Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil Village

Furthermore, PC gamers get Monster Hunter Rise this month, though it’s unknown what improvements will be made aside from better graphics and performance. Resident Evil Village DLC was announced during Capcom’s E3 show last year, though not much else has been revealed since, with the company simply stating that it'll come out in 2022.

There were also teases for new ways to play Resident Evil games on more modern consoles, hinting that we could get even more remasters or remakes of older games in the series, something many fans have asked for.

Monster Hunter Rise is on Nintendo Switch right now, while the PC version comes to Steam on January 12. Resident Evil Village is available on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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