Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Get Big Fin

Monster Hunter Rise's title is pretty self-explanatory, the objective is to hunt down monsters, but that's not all. During your journey, you'll find yourself gathering a bunch of materials from these deceased creatures which can then be used to make something else. If you're interested in getting yourself a Big Fin, then keep reading!

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What is Big Fin?

Big Fin is a crafting resource that can be used to create a number of items like weapons and armour. To get it you'll have the venture into the desert and look for a specific monster.

You can only obtain Big Fin from Delex, a type of monster that can be found in the Sandy Plains.

Where To Get Big Fin

Delex are monsters which can be found in the Sandy Plains, in area 9 and 10. They should be fairly easy to spot, mostly due to the fact they can be found 'swimming' in the desert. Though not very large, look out for monsters diving in and out of the ground, see this and you've found a Delex. Killing these creatures are the only way to get Big Fin, though they don't have a 100% drop rate, if you kill enough of them you should eventually get some Big Fin.

How To Use Big Fin

There are a few items that you can use Big Fin to create, find them below:


  • Delex Sail I


  • Barrot Armour (Coil and Mail)
  • Makluva Armour (Cover)
  • Mizutsune Armour (Braces)
  • Somnacanth Armour (Coil and Helm)
  • Uroktor Armour (Coil and Torso)

Now get yourself to the Sandy Plains and battle it out with the Delex! You can find more guides for defeating monsters in Rise, here. If you're new to the series then you may need a helping hand, our beginner's guide might be useful!

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