Monster Hunter Rise: Where To Find Kestodon

There's a huge variety of creatures to discover within Monster Hunter Rise, varying in size, speed, species and more. At times it can be difficult to actually locate these monsters and that's where our guides come in handy. Below you can find out where Kestodons are in MH Rise.

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Where To Find Kestodon

Kestodons can be found in most regions and area, meaning your best bet is to go about your adventure as normal and you'll likely bump into one. They can be found more commonly in region 2 as well as in the middle of regions 5 and 9 in the Shrine Ruins, they'll usually be in a herd so make sure you're prepared.

That's all we know about Kestodon's locations for now but we'll be sure to update you if anything changes. You can find plenty more content about Monster Hunter Rise here. If you're new to the title or MH series then our beginner guide should be of use to you.

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