Monster Hunter Rise Toxic Kumori: How To Get and Use It

Collecting resources in Monster Hunter Rise isn't always as simple as defeating creatures and carving them. Some materials have to be earned in other ways, such as the Toxic Kumori, keep reading to find out more.

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How To Get Toxic Kumori

The Toxic Kumori is a rare item drop that players can only obtain through an order request, these can be made at Rondine's Shop. Technically you can't order the Toxic Kumori itself, instead, you'll have to order a herb or fish at the Argosy near the Icebarb Bazaar. This process can take a while to complete so you can actually use a Buddy to speed things up using Buddy Bargaining. This feature unlocks when your buddy reaches level 15.

How To Use Toxic Kumori

Below you can find a list of items that can be created with Toxic Kumori or can be used to upgrade existing weapons:


  • Arachnid Bow I
  • Alacrantze I
  • Cornupion I
  • Alacrantze II (Upgrade)
  • Cornupion II (Upgrade)


  • Skalda / Spio Brachia
  • Skalda / Spio Crura
  • Skalda / Spio Elytra
  • Skalda Thorax / Spio Thorax
  • Skalda Vertex / Spio Vertex

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