Monster Hunter Rise: Rajang Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

Rajang is one of the rarest and deadliest monsters in Monster Hunter Rise, a powerful and ferocious ape who is immune to many different effects and attacks. Fortunately, we’ve laid out Rajang’s weaknesses, the best strategy, and how to beat it in our in-depth guide below.

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How to Beat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Rajang in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to be completely prepared with some of the best equipment you can get. This ferocious ape is one of the game’s most powerful enemies and it’s incredibly hard to beat without knowledge and the right gear. We’ll get into the basics first.

Rajang Weaknesses

Rajang has two weaknesses, and you’ll need to know them if you want to have a chance.

  • Ice (three stars)
  • Water (two stars)

These weaknesses are essential to know, because it’s flat-out immune to all other elements. Set up with equipment to make the most of these, preferably ice if you have good weapons for it.

Rajang Tips and Strategy

Prepare for one of the game’s most brutal battles - Rajang is a feral horror who will do everything it can to beat you. Here’s the best tips and strategy to take down this surreal mixture of rampaging bull and ferocious baboon.

  • Aside from the above weaknesses, Rajang is immune to Fire, Thunder and Dragon attacks. Not just resistant, but outright immune, these elements won’t hurt it.
  • Aside from that, go in with armour that’s as resistant to Thunder damage as possible, as Rajang uses lightning attacks.
  • Rajang focuses on lunges, sweeps and grab attacks. It has little in the way of ranged combat, but is fast and vicious up close.
  • Try not to stay in front of it - its most powerful attacks are focused on enemies in its direct path, such as grabs and thrashing combos.
  • When enraged, Rajang turns gold and begins to crackle with lightning, infusing its attacks with additional Thunder damage. You can drain the Thunder from it by attacking its front limbs, head and back. This is especially good on its forearms, as that will sap its most powerful forms of attack. This state also renders it immune to shock traps, so don’t bother with those when it’s gold.
  • Also when enraged, Rajang will sometimes scream ahead of it. When that happens, get out of the way! It’s about to do a massive beam attack straight ahead with massive distance.
  • We found that Rajang has a habit of actively hunting out and provoking other big monsters, resulting in a lot of Wyvern battles. None of them will be more powerful than it, but you can use Wyvern Riding to your advantage and try knocking it down a few times, or use the distraction to heal and whetstone.
  • Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Rajang has an ungodly amount of health. A battle could last twenty minutes or more, so plan and play accordingly.

Rajang Rewards

Rajang drops a wide range of materials, but most of these go towards building the superlative Golden Armour set, an unbelievably good set of armour that resists Thunder and gives massive attack bonuses when at low health. You can also use it to make high level weapons like the Rajang club, which prioritises attack strength and Thunder damage above all else.

There’s a lot out there worth hunting, and now you’ve beat this nightmare, you should be ready for all of it! Check out how to beat Zinogre here, or find out how you can get the rare Deepest Night sword here!

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