Monster Hunter Rise Quality Stomach: Where to Find Quality Stomach

Monster Hunter Rise isn't just about fighting monsters, though this is a major aspect of the game, it's also about gathering resources from the deceased creatures. These materials can then be used to upgrade or create new weapons, armour and more. Let's figure out how to get Quality Stomach and what to use it for.

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How To Find Quality Stomach

Quality Stomach can only be gathered by one monster, Altaroth in high rank. These creatures can be found scattered across most maps. Altaroths will emerge from their nests to gather food and resources so they'll likely be heading for things like mushrooms or honey. You can usually find them in a group of three, the drop rate for Quality Stomach isn't as rare as many other materials, to be on the safe side, be sure to take down these enemies when you come across them.

Best Way to Farm Quality Stomach

The best way we've found to farm Quality Stomach in Monster Hunter Rise is to head out on an expedition tour to the Sandy Plains. They're easy to spot in this area, just make sure you are on a high rank expedition and end the quest when you have enough items.

Now get out there and hunt down some Altaroths. If you're curious as to which Palico support type will suit you best, find out here. On the topic of buddies, check out how to equip Palamute scrolls!

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