Monster Hunter Rise Infernal Springs: How to Unlock the New Secret Locale

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Monster Hunter Rise received a brand new locale as part of update 3.0. It's a new arena called Infernal Springs, and can only be unlocked after completing a string of the hardest quests the game has to offer. To help you unlock the new secret locale we've put together this Monster Hunter Rise Infernal Springs guide. We'll show you how to unlock it and what you can do once you've done so.

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Monster Hunter Rise Infernal Springs: How to Unlock the New Secret Locale

To unlock the Infernal Springs in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to have completed the Crimson Glow Valstrax quest before proceeding. Once you do you will unlock five Advanced Quests. These are extremely difficult and will likely be the biggest challenge you've faced so far. Here's the list of quests you need to beat next.

  1. Dual Calamities
  2. Monsters In Ink
  3. Of Storm and Fire
  4. Scaredy Cat
  5. The Fallen Comet

Once you've cleared these quests you will unlock the Infernal Springs quests. These will take you to the new locale, with a couple of missions to take on with some pretty great rewards.

Can You Visit the Infernal Springs Outside Of Arena Quests

Unfortunately MH Rise has yet to have a full locale added post-launch. Infernal Springs only serves as a small battle arena where a few quests can be taken on. We'll have to wait and see whether it's expanded upon in future updates.

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