Monster Hunter Rise: Hanging Scrolls and Photos in Your Room

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You get your own room to decorate in Monster Hunter Rise. Hanging scrolls can be displayed on walls, as can photos that you’ve taken using the camera. To do this, head to your room and follow the steps below. We’ll walk you through how to hang scrolls and photos, and where to get more Hanging Scrolls.

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How to Display Hanging Scrolls in Your Room in MH Rise

To display any Hanging Scrolls that you have onto the walls of your room, head to the Housekeeper. Once there, you can select ‘Room Customisation’. From here you’ll see slots you can fill. Just select one of your scrolls to display it.

How to Unlock More Hanging Scrolls

To get more Hanging Scrolls you will need to head to the Buddy Hub area, and visit Rondine The Trader. She will allow you to exchange items. Select ‘Special Items’. This is where any available Hanging Scrolls can be purchased using points.


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How to Hang Photographs in Your Room

It’s not just scrolls that you can hang in your room, you can also display any photos you have taken using the camera. Once you’ve used your camera to take a photo (more on that here) head to your Housekeeper in your room. Select ‘Room Customisation’ and scroll to the photos section. You have three slots to display photos on. Photos taken using the Switch’s screenshot method will not appear here.

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