Monster Hunter Rise Photo Mode: How to Take Pictures Using the Camera

Monster Hunter Rise has a photo mode, allowing you to take photos with your team. Capcom has shared some information on how it’ll work, so we thought it a good time to detail the photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise. Here’s how to take pictures, and what options are available to you while using photo mode.

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Does Monster Hunter Rise Have a Photo Mode?

Monster Hunter Rise has an in-game camera that functions as a Photo Mode of sorts. It's more of a camera like in Red Dead 2, in that it doesn't give you complete range of motion and framing. Here's how it works.

a screenshot showing photo mode in Monster Hunter Rise
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How to Use Photo Mode

The camera can be selected from your radial menu. There are then options for framing, gestures and poses. The photos are saved in-game and in your Switch's screenshot library. Here's how to take a picture:

  1. Press left or right on the d-pad to cycle to the camera option
  2. Press Up on the d-pad to select the camera
  3. Press A to take a photo

An image taken using the in-game camera feature in Monster Hunter Rise. The hunter and their two Buddies are posing with weapons outside the Steelworks area of Kamura Village.
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You can even get your Buddies to pose for the camera

Camera Controls

Once you've opened up the camera in MH Rise there are many thing you can do. You can find the full controls list below:

  1. B - Exit
  2. X - Album
  3. Right Stick - Adjust Angle
  4. d-Pad - Adjust Position
  5. ZL/ZR - Zoom out/in
  6. Press Left Stick - Cohoot View
  7. Y (while in Cohoot Mode) - Poses/Gestures

That’s all we know about using Photo Mode in Monster Hunter Rise. Once we get our hands on the game, we’ll be sure to update this page with any relevant details. In the meantime make sure you check out our MH Rise beginners guide. There’s also our look at how Barrels work in the game.

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