Monster Hunter Rise Hammer Guide: Tips, Controls, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise offers 14 different weapons to hunt its slate of monsters with. Each has a slightly different playstyle, offering real depth and variety in the ways you approach a hunt. The Hammer is a blunt force weapon that hits hard yet doesn't hamper mobility, ensuring you'll be able to move fast on the battlefield. A smack to the head may stun enemies, but the powerful charge attacks and a variety of manoeuvres will likely make it a firm favourite in your arsenal.

To help you get the most out of this weapon we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Rise Hammer guide. We’ll give you some tips on using the Hammer, break down those all-important controls, highlight some choice combos to execute, and walkthrough the new Silkbind attacks available.

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  • X - Overhead Smash
  • X → X → X - Upwing
  • X + A - Rising Slash
  • A - Side Smash
  • ZR - Charge
  • A (while Charging) - Charge Switch
  • After 1 Charge X - Charged Follow-Up
  • ZR - Morph/Reload
  • left (d-pad) + ZR - Spinning Attack
  • (On a Slope) left (d-pad) + ZR (then release) - Spinning Attack (Midair)
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The best way to ensure maximum damage in Monster Hunter Rise is to string together combos. Here are all of the combos associated with the Switch Axe.

Basic Hammer Attack Combo:

  • X + X + X

Stun Combo:

  • ZR (press and hold for 2 charges) → A → X → X
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  • There are few things more satisfying in Monster Hunter titles than swinging a hammer the size of a car, and the same stands true in Rise.
  • The hammer not only deals huge damage, but it also has a chance to stun enemies when you hit them in the head with it, opening a monster up to follow-up strikes.
  • It's also surprisingly nimble, allowing you to move fairly freely – use that to negate its short range, and be prepared to dodge backwards since there's no Guard option.
  • Sadly, you won't be able to cut parts of monsters off because the hammer is blunt.
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Silkbind Attacks

New to Monster Hunter Rise are Silkbind attacks. These will consume Wirebugs, and will deal damage indicated with blue circles. Build these up to tie down monsters and trigger mountable states.

Here are the Silkbind attacks for the Hammer:

  • ZL + A - Impact Crater
  • ZL + X - Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon
  • ZL + X - Dash Breaker

Now here's a bit more info on how each works:

  • Impact Crater - Jump straight up and dish out a devastating rising attack that also hits multiple times on the way down.
  • Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon - Unleashes a spinning attack that deals multiple hits while leaping forward. You can perform this attack from a charged state, or hold down the charge button when the move starts to charge it up and let rip anytime you want by releasing the button.
  • Dash Breaker - Can be switched out with Silkbind Spinning Bludgeon. An attack performed by rushing forward with the help of a Wirebug. Any enemy attack damage is negated while launching forward.

That's all you need to know about this weapon. Visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough to find all of our guides in one handy place. 

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