Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blades Guide: Tips, Controls, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

Monster Hunter Rise offers 14 different weapons to hunt its slate of monsters with. Each has a slightly different playstyle, offering real depth and variety in the ways you approach a hunt. The Dual Blades are unique in that they deliver an onslaught of slices in rapid succession. Activating Demon Mode will also allow players to dance deadly rings around your foes in exchange for stamina.

To help you get the most out of this weapon we’ve put together this Monster Hunter Rise Dual Blade guide. We’ll give you some tips on using the Dual Blades, break down those all-important controls you have to master, highlight some choice combos to execute, and walkthrough the new Silkbind attacks available too.

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  • X = Double Slash
  • A = Lunging Strike
  • X + A = Blade Dance (Demon Mode)
  • ZR = Demon Mode/Cancel
  • ZR + left (d-pad) + A - Guard Dash
  • ZL + X = Piercing Bind
  • ZL + A = Shrouded Vault
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The best way to ensure maximum damage in Monster Hunter Rise is to string together combos. Here are all of the combos associated with the Dual Blades.

Basic Combo

  • X → X → X → A → Repeat

Combo For Charging Demon Gauge

  • A → X → X → X

Demon Mode Combo

  • X → X → X → X + A
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  • Wait until your Demon gauge is full before unleashing Demon Mode. This will allow you to do as much damage as possibl e in one combo.
  • Keep your stamina up, as Demon Mode will eat into your stamina bar
  • Demon Mode will also give you a speed boost while your weapon is unsheathed
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Silkbind Attacks

New to Monster Hunter Rise are Silkbind attacks. These will consume Wirebugs, and will deal damage indicated with blue circles. Build these up to tie down monsters and trigger mountable states.

Here are the Silkbind attacks for the Lance:

  • ZL + X = Piercing Bind
  • ZL + A = Shrouded Vault
  • ZL + A = Tower Vault

Now here's a bit more info on how each works:

  • Shrouded Vault - Dancing blades of vengeance. Hurls you forward in a designated direction. Getting hit while in motion triggers a spinning attack.
  • Piercing Bind - Death by a strand of silk. Pierces a target with a kunai that detonates after a certain amount of time. Landing further hits where the kunai is lodged racks up extra damage that scales with each hit.
  • Tower Vault - Can be switched out with Piercing Bind. Launches a Wirebug upwards and you with it. This action does not do any damage, but allows you to move through the air in most cases, even with your weapon drawn.

That's all you need to know about this weapon. Visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough to find all of our guides in one handy place.

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