Monster Hunter Rise Bazelgeuse Weaknesses: Coin, Ailments and How to Beat

As of Update 2.0 in Monster Hunter Rise Bazelgeuse is now available in hunts. You can take it on in Hub Quests, as long as you've updated the game and progressed to the endgame content. Bazelgeuse can be seriously difficult to take down, with bombs raining down from above to look out for. In this MH Rise Bazelgeuse guide we'll detail its main weaknesses and Ailments and give you some tips on getting the Bazelgeuse Coin.

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Bazelgeuse Weaknesses

Bazelgeuse's main weakness in MH Rise is Thunder. You can also go in with Ice and Dragon if you wish, but they are slightly less effective. If you're heading in with a bladed weapon then aim for the tail and legs. The abdomen and Back is also a good second area to aim for.

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In terms of Ailments, Bazel is weak to Thunderblight. It's only a two star effect, but combining this with Thunder elemental damage is a good strategy. Stun and Blast have no effect here.

Getting the Bazelgeuse Coin

One part that can be particularly tricky to farm is the Bazelgeuse Coin. It can only be obtained from beating Bazelgeuse in the arena. This is found in a quest with Basarios and Volvidon in Arena 06. Take it down to get the coin.

Tips on Beating Bazel

Bazelgeuse is a difficult fight at the best of times, so keep these tips in mind.

  1. Bombs will glow red before they explode. Avoid this as much as you can.
  2. When it scales turn red hot it is about to explode. This is a good time to attack as its body is weak.
  3. Demon Powder should be used whenever you can.
  4. Bring your Palico on this fight and use the Felvine!
  5. Look out for Paratoads, they are extremely effective
  6. Coat arrows with electricity attacks, and bring Thunder ammo for bowguns
  7. After dropping bombs the Bazel will need to regenerate. A great window for attack.

That's how to take down the Bazelgeuse in MH RIse. For more on the game be sure to check out our review. Elsewhere there's our guide on farming Lazurite Jewels.

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