Monster Hunter Rise: Teostra Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

Teostra is one of the newest monsters to be introduced to Monster Hunter Rise, a giant winged lion with fiery powers that burns the battlefield to devastating effect. We’ll lay out Teostra’s weaknesses, the best strategy on how to beat it, and what weapons and armour you can craft from the materials it drops.

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How to Beat Teostra in Monster Hunter Rise

Teostra is one of the most powerful fire-based enemies in Monster Hunter Rise, and to beat it you need to learn how to deal with a burly enemy who can turn the battlefield in a fiery blast zone in a second. A big part of bringing it down will require knowledge of its weaknesses, and we’ll cover that part first.

Teostra Weaknesses

Teostra’s big weaknesses are pretty obvious, considering it’s an embodiment of fire and heat. That means you’ll need to cool it down and douse those flames, so when going into combat, bring the following, in this order of priority:

  • Water (3)
  • Ice (2)
  • Dragon (1)
  • Thunder (1)

The big element you obviously shouldn’t be going to is Fire, as made obvious by the fact that Teostra is introduced walking through lava without concern. It’ll shrug off Fire attacks with no problem, so focus on Water and Ice to do the damage you need.

Teostra Strategy and Tips

Teostra is a brutal, jack-of-all-trades enemy who uses a combination of melee and ranged Fire attacks to incinerate players who feel like they want to move a little further up the food chain. We’ll show you a solid strategy on how to beat it here.

  • Teostra uses Fire attacks and Fireblight, so wear armour to reduce Fire damage and get ready to roll around if you’re set ablaze to more efficiently put it out (or just eat a Nullberry).
  • Teostra isn’t slow, but does tend to focus on single, impactful hits that do big damage. Have a counter-attack ready at any time or at least one Wirebug for evasion.
  • This enemy can get fire on individual limbs and body parts that do added damage. Bashing these limbs with your weapons can cancel out the fire temporarily.
  • As Teostra moves, it sometimes leaves glowing spheres of flame behind it. You have maybe two or three seconds before these explode, so stay away from them at all times.
  • When it flies up, it’s either about to crash into you or release a powerful ranged fire attack. This is a perfect counter-attack opportunity, but otherwise you’ll need to dodge to the side, rather than back or up, for the best chance.
  • Teostra has an infuriating short-range pounce that does medium damage and comes out of nowhere, usually triggered if you’re by its head. Don’t risk getting killed by this, always go into a fight with at least half health restored.
  • Most of Teostra’s big swoops and melee attacks are supplemented by small explosions that trigger a second afterwards, so even once you avoid the first attack, there’s about to be a blast where it landed.
  • Over time as it uses more Fire attacks, Teostra is surrounded by a growing aura of sparks and embers. The aura itself is harmless, but as this gets bigger, its Fire attacks do more damage. When the aura maxes out, Teostra curls into a ball in preparation for a huge area attack in every direction. Don’t risk getting caught in this incredibly powerful attack - put as much distance between you and the monster or you could get killed instantly. If you’re feeling very brave, doing massive damage to it can cancel the attack altogether, but it’s a dangerous game.
  • When enraged, Teostra’s head glows, there’s a purple light added to its aura, and it becomes far more aggressive, summoning lots of explosions around it. Play defensively here until it’s over. It can also create a ring of fire in front of it, but this is an attack you can safely wirebug up-and-over.
  • Later on, Teostra learns a fire breath that it can sweep back and forth in front of it. If you see it hunker down and whip its head from side-to-side, you need to wirebug up or just get behind its body.

Teostra Rewards, Armour and Weapons

The big armour set that Teosta’s body can be forged into is known as the Kaiser armour, a Fire-resistant set that focuses hugely on increasing the chance of damage of critical hits, boosting your Affinity massively and making for a nicely offensive set. Its weapons are a highly-powerful, if uncomplicated lot - basically focusing on power with extra Blast damage, not Fire, which is probably for the better as you’re less likely to struggle with enemy weaknesses.

Congratulations to all those epic hunters out there! But there’s still plenty more to find out about Monster Hunter Rise. Find out how to master beating the Magnamalo here, or how to beat the iconic Rathalos here.

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