Monster Hunter Rise: How to Farm Lazurite Jewels

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Once you've reached HR 40 in Monster Hunter Rise you will have gotten fully into the endgame. It's all about crafting decorations to use in certain builds. To do so you'll need lots of Lazurite Jewels, which only drop from specific quests and monsters. To help you get as many Lazurite Jewels as possible we've put together this MH Rise Lazurite Jewel Farming guide. Here's the best way to farm them.

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MH Rise: Best Way to Farm Lazurite Jewels

The best way we've found to farm Lazurite Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise is to complete the The Graceful Apex Rathian quest. It's a 7-star Hub Quest that is only available at high rank. You'll need to kill Apex Rathian, a tricky task. Just make sure you bring lots of Herbal Medicine. You could also do the Apex Arzuros quest instead. Try both and see which you find easier. You'll get 3-5 jewels each time you clear the quest.


What Are Lazurite Jewels Used For?

Lazurite Jewels are primarily used in crafting Decorations. This becomes particularly important in the endgame, as you'll need specific Decorations for certain builds. Typically, you'll need 5 Jewels per Decoration, meaning you will have to farm quite a bit.


That's all you need to know about farming Lazurite Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our look at taking down Teostra. Head here for a look at the best ways to make money.