Monster Hunter Rise Auto-Craft Items: How To Automatically Make Items

Just like many RPGs, Monster Hunter Rise revolves heavily around the player collecting resources to then put towards making something more useful. This could be weapons, armour and more Sometimes crafting can become a bit of a pain if you just want to get on with the game but could there be a solution? Auto-crafting.

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How To Find Auto-Craft

As mentioned above, crafting is a major aspect of Monster Hunter Rise, although it can be a bit tedious having to do so over and over again, that's where auto-crafting comes in handy. In many titles, players will create items in bulk to prevent losing them or taking up bag space. In MH Rise you can set up a crafting option and then leave it to craft. This also means you likely won't end up selling or throwing away something that's actually of real importance to you.

To auto-craft, press the + button on your switch, then head to the Crafting List tab. Select which items you wish to create then press Y, find the auto-craft settings and click it. You'll now be able to tick which items you want to select to auto-craft on the right-hand side of the screen.

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