Modern Warfare: Shoot House Map Guide & Tips And Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

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Shoot House is the first DLC map to arrive in Modern Warfare and is one of the smallest maps available in 6v6 play. Shoot House takes things back to the traditional three-lane structure that Call of Duty became famous for, with a fast-paced design that encourages frenetic engagements and high-octane battles.

Out in the desert of Urzikstan, Shoot House was originally made to be a training course, featuring many obstacles to break up the gameplay. This map is what I would consider a Frankenstein map, with many different elements being pasted together, to create a chaotic and awkward experience; meaning strategy can be hard to implement.


In this guide, we will show you the key areas, hotspots, best hiding places and some trusty Modern Warfare tips & tricks to give you every possible advantage on Shoot House!

The Map

Shoot House consists of a very traditional three-lane setup, constructed to be almost identical no matter what side of the map you spawn on. Within the map, the three-lanes are broken up by walls and containers; however you can easily transition between the lanes via the openings and mountable walls.

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Considering the nature of Shoot House, with it being so cramp and chaotic, this map is all about time to kill rather than accuracy - high damage SMGs will excel on this map.

Objective Locations


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Shoot House features 5 hardpoint locations, with the most successful team being the one that is able to lock down the centre of the map; as this is where 3/5 hills appear. It also prevents your opponents escaping their spawns.


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The Domination flags align down the centre of the map, in a game mode like Domination, players will spawn on their home flag. With the C side of the map being the strongest, you'll want to capture B and C. It's also the easiest place to access two flags at once, as well as the C flag being slightly closer to the B flag, in comparison to A.


Search & Destroy

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Search and Destroy is very tough map for the attacking side, with the B bomb site being the most accessible target. It is situated evenly between both sides, however the defending team have the Office building to overlook the B bomb site.

Cyber Attack

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Cyber Attack locations are placed in both spawns. Meaning teams will need to be aggressive and force their opponent to spawn out. Once this has been done, it is very difficult to reclaim the site.

Hot Spots


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The office is usually rampant with people setting up shop, as it's by far the strongest point on the map. The office only has two entry points, one from the Alpha Gate spawn and another from the Containers. Players tend to use claymores and proximity mines to prevent others from entering and it can be very difficult to gain access as a result.


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Whichever team controls the centre of the map, is destined to win. The Junkyard is an integral point on the map, as it locks down an escape point for both sides and allows an easy transition to the centre of the map. In objective game modes, such as Domination, this is very handy to keep enemies at bay; not to mention the multiple cars that provide an obnoxious amount of cover.


Alpha And Bravo Gate Walls

When moving up the centre of the map, via the Underpass or Main Street, you're at the mercy of your opponents. This is because there is no cover to help you progress up the map, however there are two mountable walls for enemies to mow you down from. You need to be aware of this, as many players will perch here with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle.


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If you want to take advantage of this, simply climb up next to the wall, aim down the sights of your gun and press B.

How To Play

Spawn Trap

With such a small map, the spawns are extremely limited and very predictable. If you can control the centre of the map and force a team to spawn in one place you can really rack up the kills. The best side to control is the Alpha Gate side, as you will have full access to the Office.

The Office overlooks the Containers, allowing you to lock down an entire side of the map from the windows above. With this building only having two points of entry (a staircase from the Alpha Gate spawn and one from the Containers) you can stay up here with very little contestment.

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Your Playstyle & The Best Class

When playing this map, you want to play fast and furious, pick a class that will do damage at close range rather than rely on accuracy. Although there are lines of sight and opportunities to take long distant gun fights, this really isn't the map to do it.

Here are some of the weapons we recommend using (click the links to see our recommended classes):

Selecting attachments that compliment damage and hip fire accuracy will benefit you more; there will be few moments where accuracy is necessary.


Picking a perk such as E.O.D. will prevent any nasty surprise explosives from hurting you, with limited places to escape through, you are likely to come into contact with plenty of claymores. Quick Fix also does a great job of healing you when you get a kill, you'll have little time to have your health regenerate, making this perk perfect for a fast and furious playstyle.

You'll want to adapt your classes for the map, using smoke grenades can really help you escape a dreadful spawn trap and make your way through tight corridors. The snapshot grenade could be great for progressing around corners, as well as the Stim Shot allowing you to maintain your aggression (there will not be many chances to recover).


Aerial killstreaks such as the Cluster Strike, Cruise Missile and Precision Airstrike will do great on this map - considering the open map and limited spawns. The Shield Turret and Sentry Gun could be very useful killstreaks when locking down the map.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91


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