Modern Warfare Season 6: Broadcast Map Guide

Season 6 for Modern Warfare and Warzone is live across all platforms!

The start of the season has brought in a wave of brand-new content including weapons, game modes, changes to Warzone, new Operators and so much more.

As usual, there are two new multiplayer maps for fans to get their teeth stuck into, and for fans of Call of Duty 4, one of them is going to look extremely familiar.

Alongside the Mialstor Tank Factory, Broadcast has made its return to Modern Warfare.

In this article, find everything you need to know about Broadcast, including objective locations, map hotspots, and the best weapons to be using on the map.

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Broadcast Map

Broadcast Map Modern Warfare
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Broadcast makes its return for Season 6!

Broadcast comprises of three distinct areas, all favouring a variety of weapon categories.

Despite being filled with pieces of cover, the parking area is perfect for marksman and sniper rifles to dominate the outside of the main building.

The corridors linking the central portion of the building along with the roof and the first-floor balcony are a haven for close-quarters action, ideal for SMGs, ARs, Shotguns and more to excel.

The central area of the building is where all the chaos takes place. Regardless of weapon choice, the action is fast, furious and is the home of most back-and-forth engagements between players.

Map Overview

Broadcast Map Overview
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The layout remains unchanged from Call of Duty 4

Objective Locations


Broadcast Modern Warfare Map Guide
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Plenty of action takes place inside the TV Station in Domination


Broadcast Modern Warfare Hardpoint
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Mastering rotations is key on Broadcast Hardpoint

Search & Destroy

Broadcast Modern Warfare Map Guide
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The bombsites heavily favour the defence on Broadcast

Cyber Attack

Broadcast Map Guide
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Use teamwork to escort the bomb towards the site in Cyber Attack

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Key Hotspots


Broadcast Modern Warfare
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Plenty of action takes place in the atrium

The atrium is one of the many places on Broadcast which is never short of action. With an overview of the parking area and the outer buildings, players often lock down the area from the first-floor balcony, picking off enemies attempting to seek the shelter of the building.

With doors leading to the rest of the map, the ground floor is where players often meet as they look to navigate the map.

There are so many ways to access this area of the map so if you’re looking to secure control of it, you need to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any attempt of a breach from the opposition.

News Room

Broadcast Modern Warfare Map
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No news reporting in here...

Located in the middle of the map, the news is the last thing that is breaking in this area of the map. Littered with abandoned office cubicles, the news room is the place everyone wants control of.

Like the Atrium, there are so many ways to access this area of the map, but there is only one place which offers a bird’s eye view of the entire floor.

On the first floor, there’s an empty room with two large windows overlooking the news room. It’s the perfect counter to all the cover and it’s the perfect place to be if you’re after a high-kill game.


Broadcast Map Modern Warfare
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Would you park your car here?

The parking is a nightmare on Broadcast! The largest outdoor area of the map is littered with smouldering cars, perfect for cover if you’re looking to plan an attack on the main building.

When attempting to make a break into the outside, be aware of the buildings lining the outside of the parking area. They’re often full of snipers looking to pick off any brave souls wanting to get inside!

The most important thing to remember is that there’s a roof covering most of the space. Bare that in mind when calling in killstreaks!

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How To Play

Fast And Furious

Given the number of tight corridors surrounding the news room, selecting an SMG with a quick aim down sight speed is the perfect weapon to complement heading through the doors at breakneck speed.

When rushing around the outer edges of the news room, be aware of any potential Claymores or Proximity Mines waiting on the other side of the doors!

The Outsider

Don’t fancy getting involved in the indoor madness? Then this technique is perfect for you.

Secure control of one of the outer buildings overlooking the parking area with a mid-range assault rifle or a marksman rifle, pick off any opponents at the first-floor balcony and do your best to hold on to the spawns to favour your team.

Recommended Weapons

After a bit of time trying out a range of weaponry, we recommend these weapons to get the upper hand over the opposition.

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