Modern Warfare Season 5: Verdansk International Airport Map Guide Preview

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Modern Warfare's Season 5 update is only a day away! We can't wait to get our hands on the new content expected to arrive with this update!

Verdansk International Airport is a well known hot spot on the current Warzone map, so some players may feel right at home jumping into this new Ground War map.

Below, you can find everything we know about the new map!

Verdansk International Airport Map Guide

Verdansk Airport will be challenging for ground troops due to the lack of cover in some areas of the map. The runway and hanger areas will be where heavy vehicles like tanks dominate. 

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Above you can see an image showing a rough outline of the map. This may not be exact but it'll share a similar outline to this one.

Close-Quarters Engagements

If you're looking for some close-range fights, try and stick to the main building, parking lot and hangers. You'll find tight corners and narrow corridors that are perfect for weapons like the MP5, Origin 12, and MP7.

With the right loadout, you'd also be able to run weapons like the M13 and M4A1 in these areas, just remember, you will be at a disadvantage with an AR at those very close ranges. 

All of our loadout guides are linked above for each gun. Make sure to properly customise your gun in the gunsmith so you're not at a disadvantage. 

Sniping and Vantage Spots

To the Northside of the map, you'll find an Air Traffic Control tower. If you're a sniper, head this way as you'll have a great view of the Highway Junction to the East as well as the Hangers and Runway.

Right now we can recommend using the Kar98k. After it's recent buff the Kar98k has become a force to be reckoned with. If you're looking for a different option, the HDR and AX-50 are both solid options as well. 

As of right now, the Bruen MK9 LMG is also a solid choice for long-range encounters, but a nerf is expected to hit this weapon at the start of Season 5. 

We'll have to wait and see what Infinity Ward decided to do with this gun in the future, but for now, it's a solid option for those medium to long-range encounters.

Rotation and Movement

If you find yourself needing to cross the runway, try and find a vehicle to do so. It becomes very easy for those sitting in vantage spots (e.g. tower, terminal roof) to pick you off. 

Head to the destroyed plane for some easy cover before you decide to cross, as this gives you the shortest distance to sprint across the runway. 


Try and pick "Double Time" as your tier 1 perk, as this will give you more tactical sprint to get to cover faster.

If you don't plan on using a sniper or vehicle, we recommend you stick to the southern side of the map, as you can easily navigate the buildings to get from one side of the map to the other. Having the "Tracker" perk will allow you to hunt down any enemies camping in corners for some easy kills.


This map has some massive open areas where trucks and tanks will dominate against infantry forces. 

Try and stick to the Runway and Highway Junction to catch enemies in the open for some easy kills. It's risky to venture into the tighter areas, as utility like C4 and RPG's allows infantry to take out vehicles with ease.